By Lynnie Stein / December 6, 2019


This was borrowed from somewhere. It is like the saying – you don’t know what is happening and you aren’t walking in their shoes. Apologies to the author, found in a message, received eons ago! Hope you like it like I do.

You never know what peeps are going through

So think before you speak

The person who jumps in front of you at the supermarket

Think before you react

The car that sneaks through at the roundabout

Don’t be tempted to curse and raise the rude finger

You are not wearing their shoes

Our reactions is a reflection of our beliefs and the meaning we give things

Our experience on Earth may kinda suck

And there are not great things that happen in the world

And I have been through my fair share of perceived not great things

It was not until I shifted what I made those experiences mean, that my existence on Earth got better and better

It is not always easy, as some of my beliefs shaping my meanings are stubborn

You don’t look for self pity

be self-forgiving
be gentle with the journey
be OK with not being OK
try to carry on
understand that everything isn’t to be understood

I tune into my heart
Take a few deep breaths into my heart
and ask my higher self …

Higher self/Soul, how do you see this… what is a higher meaning and vantage point to this, grounded in more love and abundance.

What is my highest truth?

And the answers I download shift the meaning I give things, and change my experience on earth.

So if I ever feel a judgement, I go deep and do the work to evolve my thinking past the judgement.

I call back my soul memory and choose to see things via the vantage of my higher self.

And smile and wish the lady a beautiful day who pushed in front of me at the supermarket. Breathe deep at the roundabout and smile at the dude who was in a hurry at the roundabout.

I felt called to share this today to remind you how a powerful being you are and create worlds with your perspective.

Nothing is real … we create reality with our perspective.

Lets create higher frequency worlds together.

xo Lynnie


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