Yoga Quotes for an Amazing Life

Why do we roll out the mat each morning? …It gives us a sense of home. Home is where the heart is. Where you are with the people who hold you tight. For me home is where I can feel and experience warmth. Kind of like “nice garden harvest herbal brew and fluffy socks” or “around a fire with soulful music”, “the feel of salt water on my skin”, “soil in my hands”, “massaging a cabbage”, “the smell of fresh baked sourdough bread” … and I don’t literally mean those things but rather the feeling they bring. Most of all – Home is within me, where I am at that moment…I have spent so much time looking for a home within others … yoga is a part of my journey of finding home within …where you find peace and feel safe and loved. My forever home is inside me… Where is your home?