By Lynnie Stein / September 26, 2020

Wild Rosella

A member of the Hibiscus family with large white hibiscus flowers, standing out like a beacon in the forest when sunlight falls.

Edible, be aware they usually alive with small insects, making them a little unappetizing to the normal palate (back to the disgust issue!).

The tastier part of the plant is the new leaf growth.

Although the leaves are rather prickly, they crush easily under pressure and are tasty.

An extra bonus with fermentation will take away the prickles … like fermenting radish greens.

The leaves can be fermented alone or with ‘kraut, kimchi, herbes salees, or wild pesto or as part of an enzyme juice.

The tea is known for its extremely high antioxidant content (predominantly flavonoids).

🖤and bacteria, Lynnie


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