By Lynnie Stein / January 29, 2022

Why does my stomach hate me?

Lots o’ folk have got their stomach in knots.

Food allergies and sensitivities are becoming an epidemic.

It’s time to get off the drugs… heal and ❤ that gut!

Our food supply has grown more tainted with each successive generation.

Today’s children face the widespread invasion of GMO foods stacked on top of generations of nutrient-skewed refined foods.

Inside our intestines, where the digestion of our food primarily takes place, are little organisms called good bacteria that help us digest and absorb food.

We want this good bacteria, we NEED it.

Many things can cause our intestinal flora to become out-of-balance.

What is leaky gut?

Dysbiosis, or what is also referred to as “the leaky gut syndrome”.

To put it simply, at some time, the body’s intestinal flora and wall became compromised.

Reducing the good bacteria and breaking down the wall in the intestinal tract.

Essentially developing a “leaky gut”.

Our food was not meant to be absorbed into our bloodstream until it has been broken down into the correct nutrients.
❤ ya Guts!!

Forget the gluten-free aisle in the supermarket – only contributing to the problem.

Eat Homemade Fermented Foods/Beverages + Gelatinous Foods like bone broth + REST… We spend so much time analysing our diets, yet we forget about the quality and quantity of our sleep.

Experts agree that 8-9 hours of sleep is optimal, and the early to bed, early to rise rule is especially important.

I ❤ to stay up late (too much social media), but I can feel a huge difference in how I feel if I go to sleep by 10 pm and wake up by 7 am.

Remember that while it takes time to completely heal and seal the gut, you can notice some benefits fast by incorporating fermented and gelatinous foods and quality rest.

Good luck on your gutsy adventures. ❤ Don’t go it alone… we are here for you.

❤ and bacteria,

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