By Lynnie Stein / January 10, 2022

Who else is ready? 2022

More Happiness. More Love. More …

Who else is ready? 2022

More Happiness. More Love. More laughter. More Sleep. More Simple. Less Drama. Less Stress. Less Bloat.


Let’s manifest the most amazing 2022 people, you deserve it!


  1. Decide what you want
  2. Feel the energy of your desire
  3. Visualize your desire
  4. Release limiting beliefs
  5. Believe your ability to manifest
  6. Take Inspired action
  7. Allow the process to unfold

My body is healthy; mind is brilliant; soul is tranquil.

This January start the year with an empty jar.

Each week add a note with a good thing, that happened.

On New Years Eve 2022 empty the jar and read about the AMAZING year you had!

Sustainable January 2022 + Beat the Post-Holiday Bloat

Stuff vegetables into a jar with love. Start the journey to Simple Living & Boosting Digestion to Beat the Bloat!

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The Gut Club

The Gut Academy Book Club
The Weekend is always on the 3rd weekend of the month, so January 2022 will be on the weekend of 15 – 17th ! YAY! …
One Book Each Month

Each month, on the 3rd weekend of the month, we will have a new, live Implementation Weekend in our closed Facebook group during which we will learn, work and implement a new project focusing on one of the e-books.

No worries! Each Implementation Weekend includes 3 live sessions inside our closed Facebook group and replay are available as soon as the live session end. You can watch the 3 sessions later, or simply watch them all on the following weekend! Whatever works for you.
Live Group Q & A every month
With Lynnie Stein…I love cultivated food, wild ferments and other bacterial transformations. Because it just tastes so good and is so much fun to prepare. I contribute the love to an amazing sauerkraut making grandma – Matilda Augusta Stein.
Are you ready for your Gut Health & Immunity Support journey?
Terms: $7 (USD) each month. No commitment, stop any time.
PLEASE NOTE: You have lifetime access to The Gut Academy Club by purchasing any of our products (excluding 10 for $10 course)


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