By Lynnie Stein / January 22, 2023

What will the Year of the Water Rabbit bring?

This year, we usher in the Year of the Rabbit! The sign of rabbit is a symbol of longevity, peace, and prosperity in Chinese culture, which means 2023 is expected to be a year of hope and peace. The Rabbit brings lucky breaks and partnership. The element of water relates to movement, wisdom, and health. And saltwater on your skin, sexy baths and floats, moving to the ocean. Water also brings intuition and inner peace, so trust your instincts and tune into your emotions.

Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year is typically celebrated for 16 days starting on the eve of the celebration, this year falling on January 21, 2023. It is followed by 15 days of the Chinese New Year from January 22 to February 9.

The year 2023 is symbolised by longevity, peace, prosperity, benevolence and fertility.

In the Chinese zodiac, rabbits were born

2023, 2011, 1999, 1987, 1975, 1963 and so on, and you’re in good company🐰 …

Albert Einstein, Michael Jordan, Angelina Jolie and David Beckham are all rabbit babies.

According to the Chinese zodiac, rabbits are gentle, elegant, optimistic, witty and patient.

While they are quiet at times, they can spring into action quickly when needed.

They’re most compatible with people born under the sign of the goat, dog or pig.

This year’s element – water – is the sign of fluidity, so a “go with the flow” attitude will stand you in good stead.

During the Year of the Rabbit, we will see a positive influence on people who are impulsive or unrealistic, as they become more level-headed and practical. It is therefore, an excellent time to make crucial decisions and carefully think through your options before to have the best chance of achieving your goals and realizing your plans.

Feng shui colours to adorn this year

It is the year of yin as the soft hues of azure blue and apple green are the dominating shades in 2023. However, while focusing on a cool colour palette this year, warm colours of fiery red, imperial yellow and pearl white are essential to balance the elements for proper synergy. These colours are important for all the 12 Chinese zodiac signs.

Azure blue, apple green, pearl white, fiery red and imperial yellow are the lucky colours that incorporate the wood, fire, water, metal and earth elements of feng shui.

It is safe to say that wood and water elements (green and blue) may dominate all the art, fashion and décor trends going by Feng Shui.

Green also symbolises the environment and ‘go green’ as a mantra has been adopted in a big way to encourage sustainable fashion, a cleaner way of living and thriving on this planet.

The Year of the Rabbit is going to be a favourable time for most zodiac signs.

We can expect success in love and career advancement, with no significant health concerns. Additionally, financial success will be easier to achieve this year.

Frozen fruit in rabbit shape and handmade chocolates
The Year of the Rabbit brings peace, harmony, and tranquillity to the new year. We look forward to the year ahead!

Here at The Gut Academy, we wish you an auspicious Lunar New Year, and may blessings be in abundance upon you and your family!


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