By Lynnie Stein / September 26, 2020


Morinda citrifolia / Great Morinda /Australia Cheese fruit or Indian mulberry also nicknamed the “vomit fruit” because of the strong aroma, and worsens as the fruit ripens, but it is SO good to eat.

Usually blended with other fruits when juiced or added to second ferment for bevvies.

The young leaves added to pesto, kimchi and sauerkraut.

Traditionally, Noni juice was fermented.

Picking yellow fruit (as opposed to the too young green).

Best way is to bottle;

Let Noni fruit get soft, put in a glass jar (cut or squish into jar).

Sit in sun… cap and three times a day, open the cap and release the air (can also use a tight mesh screen).

Leave for one week (longer if you would like more powerful).

Place in the ‘fridge.

Drink as a tonic or add to beverages.

Though the aroma smells rather rotten to anyone unfamiliar, there is a particular odor of good fermented noni and bad, just like a fine wine.


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