By Lynnie Stein / February 15, 2022

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day can rightfully be a tough time for some people.⁣

Not everyone has a meaningful romantic partner and a day like today can create and magnify a feeling of absence…

and make being ‘without’ feel much worse than it should (because it shouldn’t at all). ⁣

Make no mistake this day has been hijacked a Hallmark holiday, ultimately now marketed to us all to sell more things. ⁣

Which is fine, I am in the business world and have been heavily marketing FebYOUary – the month of 💖

. ⁣


The idea that there’s a one size fits all way to be a relationship can hold us back from experiencing the relationships that work for us.

Here are some non-traditional arrangements that can be very healthy + fulfilling that you won’t typically see in the media.

  1. Separate living relationships: not everyone thrives living with their partner. Some people need more space + build their lives while not living in the same home.
  2. Single by choice: a person who’s chosen to remain single and may also date at times or not date at all.
  3. Open relationships: relationships where there’s ethical non-monogamy (meaning, partners are transparent + honest with each other.) Boundaries or limits are set according to partners needs.
  4. Companion relationships: partnerships where you choose to build a life together though it’s not romantic.
  5. Multi person relationships: relationships where multiple people are intimately involved with each other + aware of each other.

⁣Today, if you chose to embrace it, can be:⁣

A celebration of love. ⁣
And acknowledgement. ⁣

That love exists. ⁣
Everywhere. ⁣

The love we have for the people in our lives.⁣

The love inside us for the earth, the animals, this miracle of a cosmic existence. ⁣

And also without a doubt … the ever important love we should all have for our selves- with or without a romantic partner. ⁣

Today we can remember that we are never alone. ⁣
Cause we are all love. ⁣
And love is us. ⁣

It’s with us always and shared by all. ⁣

So dance if you can. ⁣
Smile if you want. ⁣
Howl at the moon. ⁣
And celebrate the love that lives inside each of us and all things. ⁣

It is each of our truest and most meaningful romantic relationship.

I’ve H A T E D this woman…

Actually, I’ve not loved her at all most of her life.

I’ve fed her lies and told her she wasn’t good enough and have allowed others to tell her she isn’t good enough.

I’ve allowed her to be broken. I’ve allowed others to treat her disrespectfully. I’ve allowed her to run through brick walls and battle for others who won’t even stand for her.

I couldn’t stop others from abandoning her, but I’ve seen her stand up and be a light for the world and love others despite all that.

I have stood paralyzed by fear while she fought battles in her mind, heart and soul.

This woman has screwed up many times as a partner, as a daughter, and as a friend because she didn’t think she was worthy of self love or the love of others.

She has a smart mouth, a stubborn streak, and she has secrets. She has scars because she has a history. She has so, so many scars…

Some people love this woman, some like her, and some don’t care for her at all… But she is beginning to love herself.

She has done good in her life, she has done not so good in her life.

Every mistake, failure, trial, disappointment, success, joy and achievement has made her into who she is today.

You can love her or not—but if she loves you she will do it with her whole heart.

She is dramatic and sometimes she is scatter-brained.

She will not pretend to be who she is not.

She will make no apologies for who she is.

Never will she again.

This woman is a WARRIOR.
She’s not perfect, but she has a lot of WORTH.

Gracefully broken, but beautifully standing.

She is LOVE.
She is LIFE.
She is GRACE.
She is BRAVE.

… and she will never stop learning or moving forward…

She is me ……. ❤️🧚🏻‍♂️🌱💚

I love her 🌹

💖 Today is about celebrating love which I think is a beautiful thing to celebrate.

We should honestly celebrate love more often and the world would look very different.

Today, make time to do things just for you- loving and caring for yourself the way you love and care for others.

Love every part of you that makes you YOU, and this love will be reflected back to you.

No One Eats Alone Day 💖

  is around the corner

The start of FebYOUary Implementation Gut Club

Here is the Menu

Here is a fascinating story about an application of fermentation ….

A Russian-Australian woman put sauerkraut in her husband’s ear. “Her grandmother came to her in a dream and reminded her that when she was a young girl in Russia, they would use sauerkraut poultices any time someone had any weird skin irregularity.

When the woman woke up, she told her husband of her dream.

The man was scheduled for surgery to remove a skin cancer in his ear.

He agreed to let his wife try her home remedy.

“No man is lonely while eating spaghetti”

Robert Morley

The skin cancer disappeared. 

We will share a rustic fermented gut-loving pasta along with many fun, fast and fabulous food, full of stories. 

There’s still a couple of days left, so make sure to book your spot. Local people can join me in person. 

So hurry to make sure you don’t miss your chance to start your story!  Be a gut-loving warrior!! 

Already a member of The Gut Club… Ingredient list will be in the Facebook Gut Club. I cannot wait to share them with you.

Big love & bacteria, Xo,


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