By Lynnie Stein / January 4, 2020

10 Truths

1. The average human life is relatively short … no matter who you are your life is only temporary.

2. You only have the life you create for yourself. Who you want to be – I Am…

3. Being busy does not mean being productive.

It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. It’s not about being busy and creating waste, it’s about being lean and delivering value.
Be aware of your time.

Plan accordingly and deliver deep work.

4. Some kind of failure always occurs before success.

Fail = first attempt in learning.

Most mistakes are unavoidable.

Learn to forgive yourself.

It’s not a problem to make them. It’s only a problem if you never learn from them.
If you’re too afraid of failure, you can’t possibly do what needs to be done to be successful.

The solution to this problem is making friends with failure.

You want to know the difference between a master and a beginner?

The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.

Behind every great piece of art is a thousand failed attempts to make it, but these attempts are simply never shown to us.

Just because it’s not happening now, doesn’t mean it never will. Sometimes things have to go very wrong before they can be right.

5. Thinking and doing are two very different things.

Everyone can think about the next big idea. I can think of myself being the next multi millionaire, and so can you.

I have a lot of ideas for my business that I write down in a notebook that I think will become very successful.

My goal is to have a business that operates all around the world. To share my already created eBook library and to add one each month, and I already have about 10 ideas.

However, thinking and doing are two very different things. You can think about anything you want. You can think about yourself achieving your goal, but you will continue to think about it until you actually accomplish that goal.

Thinking will get us far with our work, but it won’t get us as far as doing our work will.

Don’t think too hard because you’ll have less time to do what you want to do.

6. You don’t have to wait for an apology to forgive.

On a human level, we need to get along with each other, and apologies can be helpful tools to ease conflict.

Giving and receiving a sincere apology is supportive to peacemaking and smooths the way toward reconciliation.

Yet keep in mind that apology only benefits us on the Earthly plane. If we spend our time waiting for an apology before forgiving, we will derail our spiritual awakening.

If you can’t seem to move ahead with your forgiveness process, check out this list of reasons why waiting for an apology is a bad idea:

The other person may not know that you feel offended. For this reason, s/he may never apologize.
The other person may be waiting for an apology from you. You’re both in a stand-off that may never be resolved.
The other person is far away, can’t be reached, doesn’t know how to contact you, or is dead. The chances of connecting physically are very low indeed.
The other person already apologized, but you didn’t like the apology. It wasn’t sincere enough, thorough enough, or not good enough for you in some way. You are probably not going to get another one.
As you can see from this list, waiting for an apology from another person puts the initiative and the power in his or her hands—not yours. By waiting for an apology, you give yourself a handy excuse for avoiding your own inner work. You give your precious spiritual awakening away to someone else’s whims, timetable, understanding, and desires.

This is why taking initiative for healing on your own terms is so essential. It wakes you up and stretches you into deeper, vaster love, whenever you are ready to make this bold move into the center of your heart.

Forgiveness is not an occasional act. It is a permanent attitude. ~ Martin Luther King. Jr.

7. Some people are simply the wrong match for you.

Consider this: Everyone wants a perfect partner, but few people want to be the perfect partner.

The best place to start is focusing on what kind of life you want to live and what kind of partner you want to be—you’ll start to see all the flakes and narcissists and liars fade into the background.

You’ll start making genuine connections with people and make each other’s lives more enjoyable.

A great read:

Models is the first book ever written on seduction as an emotional process rather than a logical one, a process of connecting with women rather than impressing them. It’s the most mature and honest guide on how a man can attract women without faking behavior, without lying and without emulating others. A game-changer.

Getting over neediness means you choose to not give a f!!! about what others will think of you for expressing yourself honestly. The title shows you to expect a few F words – very well written and great to digest!

8. It’s not other people’s job to love you; it’s yours.

It’s important to be nice to others, but it’s even more important to be nice to U

You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.

So make sure you don’t start seeing yourself through the eyes of those who don’t value you.

Worthiness: Know your worth, even if they don’t. I am way more magnificent This no longer works for me. I don’t want to suffer anymore. Sufferings from the mind.

Today, let someone love you just the way you are – as flawed as you might be, as unattractive as you sometimes feel, and as incomplete as you think you are.

Yes, let someone love you despite all of this, and let that someone be YOU.

9. What you own is not who you are.

What you own is what you want “you” to look like in others’ eyes until you accept the fact that others’ opinions don’t matter and you live your life for “your” self, not for your loving partner, not for your adorable children or for your crazy friends. Live a life that matters

10. Everything changes, every second.

All it takes is one moment. And in one moment life can change instantly. In life, we experience highs and lows, laughter grief and trauma. But no matter what life throws at us, the opposites that we experience add so much wonder to our life. Manage it! Control it! We can’t control events and circumstances but we can manage it!

Think, feel, choose. Mind is different to brain. Goal of greatness. Use mind to control brain. I am mind. Use mind all the time.

“Five hundred years before Christ was born, the Greek philosopher Heraclitus told his students that “everything changes except the law of change”. He said: “You cannot step in the same river twice.” The river changes every second; and so does the man who stepped in it. Life is a ceaseless change. The only certainty is today. Why mar the beauty of living today by trying to solve the problems of a future that is shrouded in ceaseless change and uncertainty-a future that no one can possibly foretell?”

― Dale Carnegie

Hope the following Buddha quotes inspire you:

All wrong-doing arises because of mind. If mind is transformed can wrong-doing remain?

It is a man’s own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways.

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.

There is nothing so disobedient as an undisciplined mind, and there is nothing so obedient as a disciplined mind.

Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts.

The process that leads to change can be fiercely difficult.
Unfortunately, simple repeating to yourself you are a Jedi Master does not make you a Jedi Master, even though you might start to believe it is true. We all would know peeps who loudly proclaim their devotion to a particular spirituality, yet that person is self-absorbed and uncaring. Then others who make no claims to spirituality yet is generous, thoughtful and kind. Repeated assertions do not change who you are. In the end, if you repeatedly label yourself a Jedi Master but behave like Jabba the Hutt, you are Jabba the Hutt. It is our actions that speak about who we are. In other words it is not what we say that makes us who we are but what we do.
Happiness is not so much in having as sharing. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

It is a law of nature that you can judge a tree by the fruit that it bears.

In the end of the day, happiness is something we all want. However, it does not just happen, you have to make it happen. . You can train yourself to look forward to future steps and you will find yourself feeling better about life.

Go dig in!! Xxoo Lynnie


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