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Thrifty Hack – Tea Fix

Tea drinkers can save money and, more importantly, you’ll be working toward minimizing your impact on Mother Earth. Reuse your teabags, most teabags can be used at least twice if not three times.  For best results, fish out your teabag after the recommended steeping time, squeeze it gently, and set it aside until you’re ready for your next cuppa.

Loose leaf tea offers a wonderfully frugal way to enjoy all the flavour and health benefits of tea.

  • Loose tea is often cheaper than teabags and creates less waste.
  • Many health food stores sell bulk loose tea, which saves even more packaging and is often even more economical.
  • Look for a tea with full, whole leaves.
  • This applies to all varieties.
  • Larger supermarkets, health food stores, specialty food shops, farmers’ markets, ethnic grocers and online retailers are all great places to find quality tea.
  • You can buy reusable cloth teabags or tea eggs at health food stores.
  • You may often find tea eggs at yard sales and thrift stores.

You can harvest your garden for free herbal tisanes like rose, hibiscus, chamomile, basil, orange peel, or flowers, mint, and lemon grass.

An easy way to prepare tisanes is to simply boil the leaves/flowers, strain, and pour into cups.

Repurpose used tea bags to relieve tired sore eyes like a hot compress.

  • Simply reheat in warm water and gently rest on closed lids.
  • Great for puffy eyes.
  • They work best if you place them in the refrigerator for about ten to fifteen minutes first and then place over your eyes.
  • Tea bags are also great for refreshing your face. Just pat the teabags on your face or place the bags on your cheeks for a few minutes. Your skin will be refreshed and have a glow.
  • Cold tea bags are perfect for sunburn too.
  • Or, sprinkle used tea leaves on your garden plants as a natural fertilizer or compost the teabags.
  • Dry tea leaves make a wonderful potpourri. Add to small dishes and place around the home. You can add organic essential oils to the leaves if you desire.
  • Teabags are perfect for scrapbooking, crafting and card making – you can use tea  to make your paper have an old antique appearance. used teabags make great Christmas tree decorations

To get rid of swelling… I put green tea bags on my eyelids. Or I grab cold spoons that I leave in the freezer and put them on my eyes.

Shay Mitchell

Tea is a wonderful dye agent! Used to dye / stain Easter eggs, fabric, lace, Wedding Gowns, and a natural dye for hair.

Ehow – How to Dye Fabric With Tea

Tela Design Studio, Philip Pelusi’s organic salon and tea room in NYC’s Meatpacking District, stylists actually apply teas as a conditioning treatment and color booster – a great way for clients to save money from frequent colouring visits. 

DIYer’s Tea Hair Colour 

First, boil the tea of your choice. For warmer tones, use teas that have a golden color, such as chamomile or orange.

For cooler tones, go with teas that have a lighter shade, such as peppermint, green or black teas.

Let it cool to room temperature while you shampoo and rinse hair.

2. Then, working on clean, wet hair, pour tea over hair strands and work in for a few minutes with fingers.

3. The longer you leave the tea on your hair and the more frequently you apply it, the more staining the effect, so be careful not to over do it. Be aware that tea can stain the scalp and skin as well.

4. Rinse and apply conditioner.

Tea stains are hard to get off and after a while your teapot will have a nasty brown stain inside which isn’t very appealing.

To get rid of this stain, rub the inside of the pot with a paste of baking soda and water, then fill with warm water and a little soda and leave to soak.

Sip Green

Choose to sip tea over coffee for its smaller eco-footprint. Go organic and Fairtrade-certified, your tea tastes even better when you know you are supporting the talented, devoted artisans who produce the teas you love so much.

Enjoy your cuppa … Please share any other hacks for tea

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