By Lynnie Stein / November 24, 2020

Thrifting Tips

Forget the Black Friday sales. Why not try thrifting?

I have a deep love for Italian bottles, aprons, linen and shoes. I love browsing, goodwill / thrift stores. It is amazing the shoes people donate in as-new condition. I am sure they tell a story. Like, worn once to a special occasion. The vintage section often has wonderful aprons and linen.

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” should be the slogan for every thrift store in the world. Thrift stores are magical places where you can be thrown back a couple of decades and find something that you have wanted for a long time.

Some peeps think thrift shopping is nothing but places to find junk. Others see them as veritable treasure troves full of goodies that you can’t possible buy at shopping mall stores.

I donate back clothing and shoes, so my closet stays at a manageable level.

My eye scans the hangers for stylish, high-end clothing. Thanks to our fabulous thrift store finds, I have grown accustomed to wearing stylish, high-end clothing. I keep to a budget with my thrifting shopping.

Check current fashion magazines such as InStyle for current trends. Then recreate an outfit or trend from the magazine using thrift store finds.

Since trends tend to make an appearance every decade.

Look for high end fabrics with quality construction. Never pay more than 10 percent of retail.

Why pay a huge price for a bridal or formal gown? Thrift stores have an amazing collection of once worn formal gowns and suits. Thrift stores have special racks and discount days. Who wants to start out your new life already in debt – from a huge clothing bill?

One rule is to always buy quality. Same rule for your children’s clothing.

Check out for any problem areas… deodorant marks, makeup on collar and food or beverage stains. Of course you can always tackle these spots with a good clean.

To the comments on “it has been worn by someone and you could catch bugs” Remember, when we go to a hotel, we are sleeping on sheets someone else has slept on. Showering with towels someone else has dried off and wiping our mouth with linen napkins that someone else has wiped their mouth with. Clothing has been tried on numerous times even in high-end fashion stores.

We hope if you are not already an avid thrifter, you will go out and give it a try.

You may be surprised with the thrill of the hunt treasures you will find.

Happy thrifting!

Love and bacteria, Lynnie xo

What do you love to collect?


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