By Lynnie Stein / December 28, 2023

Toss out that ex and welcome a loving life partner with open arms!

Don’t you forget how they gave you space when all you wanted was a little love. Move over, old pals! Repeat and write these awesome affirmations to call in all the good vibes, happy relationships, and your soulmate!

Their actions spoke louder than words!

Grab a pen and paper and make two columns, one for all the things you loved about your ex and one for all the not-so-great stuff. Let’s get ready for some serious reflection!


Love is my new BFF!

It’s like Cupid is showering me with heart emojis 24/7.

My beloved, I invite you into my arms, my heart, & my life.
As I learn my own lessons of love, I create a powerful force that is drawing my soulmate to me right now.
Having sexy, soulful, safe & sweet love is my birth-right.
My desire for love comes from my truest, most sacred self. Therefor it is blessed with the power of spirit. Every moment of loving connection in my life brings me closer to my beloved.
Every time I say NO to unhealthy relationships, true love comes closer to me.
My beloved is on his way & we will become each others home in the world.

From my friends to strangers on the street, everyone is handing me a big, warm hug full of love.

I soak it all in with gratitude, knowing I deserve all this affection.

My heart is wide open, ready to receive trusting and fulfilling relationships.

I believe in real love, and it all starts with me.

“I love You” …We are all unique, but not different, we all want the same thing: to be loved, listened to and respected.

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I don’t just see love, I am love!

It’s my top priority, and I make it happen every day.

I spread love like confetti, and it always finds its way back to me.

The universe is sprinkling magic love dust on me, leading me to my lifelong love.

I’m a unique, interesting, and intelligent soul, and I deserve to be cherished every day.

I’m not just waiting for love – love is waiting for me too!

I know it’s coming, and I’m at peace, knowing it will be healthy, mature, and special every single day.

Love is my jam, and I make time for it.

Jot down the qualities you’d like to see in your significant other and then become that perfect match!

So, let’s keep this love train rolling – choo-choo!

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