By Lynnie Stein / January 6, 2024

The more you heal, the more you choose

As you mend, your perspective transforms. You start craving respect over attention, draw firm boundaries rather than tolerating disrespect, prioritize real connections over clingy bonds, encourage mutual support instead of co-dependency, cherish deep intimacy over shallow meshing, and prioritize internal love over outside validation. Healing trumps coping and trauma bonding every time!


“I love You” …We are all unique, but not different, we all want the same thing: to be loved, listened to and respected.
Are you ready for a mystical adventure that’ll transport you back to your childhood?
If you’ve ever felt like a grown-up on the outside but a kid at heart, Lynette Stein’s book is for you!
Discover how to nurture your inner child, heal past wounds, and find new joy and energy in life.
And what better way to explore this journey than with a delightful journal that’s filled with prompts and space for self-reflection?
With its gorgeous design and user-friendly format, it’s perfect for newbie and experienced journalers alike.
But wait, there’s more! Stein is a master at making big changes through small steps, and her book series Shades of Magic proves it. Her books “I Love You” Everything You Love About Yourself and The Serenity Within have already helped countless people transform their relationships, careers, and wellbeing. So why not share this gift of magic with a loved one? Surprise them with a copy of Reconnecting with my Inner Child Journal for any special occasion and watch them bloom!
There really is magic all around us, we must know where to look. It happens when we create space within ourselves and in the world.

Sometimes it’s hard not to feel like your emotions are getting the best of you. But don’t worry, this book is here to help.

Create Some Magic is a simple but powerful tool. It can help you attend to your emotional needs, boost your mood, create great relationships, combat loneliness, balance friendship and everyday obligations and set goals both big and small.

The perfect gift for women or men who want to improve your own life and, if you like, of many others might be less hard work and more fun than we ever imagined.

The exercises are from our successful 9 week Mind + Body Transformation Course. I truly hope it helps you or a loved one discover the amazing person inside. The one who’s brave and strong and has unlimited potential. But mostly, I hope you find a newfound belief in yourself because that’s what this journey is all about. YOU.

Are you ready to transform your life in only 9 short weeks? Grab a spare copy and do the exercises with a friend or a group.

You deserve so much happiness. It all starts with a single belief. The belief in YOU. In love and light, Xo, Lynnie ❤️

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