By Lynnie Stein / September 24, 2021

The Gut Academy Create

Circle of friendship, fun and JOY! To create the sensual you.

EVERY person is sensual…

  • Dancing and singing to the soulful truth, through the temple of your body.
  • The bottom line, we want to feel pleasure, and flow a continuous passage in our work, intimate relationships + our life. However, many of us believe…
  • “I’m not beautiful enough to be sensual”
    “I’m not a sensual person! I wouldn’t know how to do it authentically”
    “I don’t have time to be sensual, it’s not productive”
  • As a society, we are cultured to believe that sensuality has many taboo meanings.
  • At the time we strip away shame, blame and marketing, surrounding sensuality we discover a deeper truth…
  • Sensuality is the simple moment of feeling this body deeply.

Hi I am Lynnie…

The Gut Academy Create is a unique group that helps peeps who are in the second stage of life and wanting to take care of their body and create epic relationships!

“This is my passion project. This takes the overwhelm out of discovering the sensual you”

Lynnie Stein
Creator of The Gut Academy

Where We Reclaim Our Lost Sense Of Self!

Allow your senses to lead you on a pilgrimage of sacred revelation

It is long past time that we reclaimed our embodied human sense as the sacred tool that it is.

Come Together in Community

Not just a membership. It is an experience!


• CREATE is not a course, it’s not a class, it’s a members only space where massive transformation happens. 

• This is the space for you if you are ready to breakthrough the blocks holding you back, and reclaim your sensuality.

• Through our senses. Your senses are your connection.

• What I teach inside The Gut Academy Create is unlike anything you’ve experienced before, and I break down so many complex topics into a simple and effective way that will allow you to learn to feel again!

Ready for action?

Learn how to become YOU who is turned on by being yourself.

You take pleasure in your senses, and take pleasure in your body and life. 

You put your pleasure first.

You are erotic, powerful and fierce.

Combining occupational therapy-based strategies. Occupations are all the things we do to occupy our time.

Such as nutrition and hydration, intuitive food preparation, gut health, sleep, sex, movement, mindset, self care, skin care, etc. We show you how to stack and layer tiny habits on top of one another to CREATE a big result! And build them right into your already-existing daily routine.

Rediscovery of self, through roles, habits & routines that impact everyday sensual life. 

Serving up deeliciousness!

Should we be eating more fermented food?

The benefits loom large: fermented foods are cited as anti-diabetic, anti-hypertensive, and antioxidant (reduce free radicals).

That  can reduce the symptoms of numerous conditions such as depression, urinary tract infections, hormonal disorders, respiratory health issues, osteoporosis, obesity, kidney and liver dysfunction.

Fermentation also decreases the sugar content of foods, which is great for those watching their carbohydrate intake.

Break the vicious cycle of craving refined carbs and sugars by introducing fermented foods and drinks and how to mix them in with your daily food.

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This is about Creating YOU!

It’s as if the garden, therapy, and a poetry slam were all weaved together into one life-giving, soul-enhancing experience.

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