By Lynnie Stein / November 22, 2019

F Word

I have always been different & I will tell you why …
I will never be anything less than me
If that bothers you, step out of my light
I am not afraid of being honest and raw
Sometimes downright brutal with the words that come out of my mouth
I am not afraid to say Feck .. especially to stress a point
I am not afraid to stand up
I am not afraid of the truth for something I believe in
I am not afraid to show my truth to a world who says I can’t be me

WARNING! This blog post is not family-friendly.

While it’s pretty f!!!!!! hard to pin down the exact lineage of the word—sources point to its first usage in the late-1500s to late-1300s—a historian believes he has found the first f!!! ever given.

Dr. Paul Booth of Keele University has found the name “Roger Fuckebythenavele” in Chester county court plea rolls from December 8, 1310, medievalists.netreports.

“This surname is presumably a nickname,” Booth said. “I suggest it could either mean an actual attempt at copulation by an inexperienced youth, later reported by a rejected girlfriend, or an equivalent of the word ‘dimwit’ i.e. a man who might think that that was the correct way to go about it.”

Part of the reason scholars debate the first f!!! ever given is that other mentions of the word could be spellings of names, or meaning to strike or soldier—rather than anything sexual.

On her blog, linguist Kate Wiles wrote that the earliest known f!!! in the English language was from 1373 with the term “Fockynggroue.”

As she wrote, this is “the earliest instance of f!!! in English used to mean doing the funny downstairs business. It’s a name akin to Lovegrove rather than one which uses the Old English personal name Focca which appears in the place-name Fockbury, or from Old English Folca as in Folkestone.”

If Booth’s discovery is accurate, that means we’ve been saying f!!! over 60 years longer than previously thought. In Ireland, a much milder way of saying it with “feck”. This one has also integrated into other languages, like Japanese, where speakers often say this word instead of one from their own language.

And in the last 200 + years, the term has evolved to include phrases used all around the globe … What The F!!!? (WTF)
This is a common phrase that’s used when you are confused, irritated, or angry. It’s often abbreviated to “wtf.”

Merde to create putain de merde — “f!!!ing shit”

If you travel to Spain..Váyase a la Mierda – “F!!! off”
Also using “mierda” but in a stronger way. Could also be translated as, “Go f!!! yourself”

Now this is a creative way to tell someone off!

Que te Folle un Pez – “I Hope You Get F!!!ed By a Fish”

Puto – “F!!!ing”
Used as an adjective, like Mira este puto – Ooh .. “Look at this f!!!ing guy.”

From beautiful Italy .. Fanculo – “F!!k” Used as an exclamation, or to express your anger with someone.

Vaffanculo – “F!!! You”

This is definitely one you’ll see with some not-so-nice Italian hand gestures, and it ranks amongst the strongest terms in Italian.

In Portugese … Vai Para o Caralho – “Go F!!k Yourself” For when you’re really pissed off.

In Germany …Verpiss Dich! – “F!!k Off!”
Same as in any language ..When you want to get the hell away from someone.

NOTE: Just to be clear, we’re not promoting the irresponsible use of F swear words.

Much to the contrary, we think that if you are going to swear, you should have a high degree of awareness as to what you are communicating and the effect it has on people around you.

Even if you have an intellectual understanding of how to swear, it doesn’t give you the deeply culturally conditioned reaction that natives have.

They grew up in their families learning what was appropriate or not.

In Conclusion

Please remember that a lot of people will take offence if you say the word f!!!.

Make sure you don’t say it around sponges … little children!

While it’s fine to say f!!! around your loving partner and besties, try to avoid saying it to people you don’t know, unless you have your boxing gloves on.

There are many movies and songs using the word f!!! in its various forms, so it’s important to understand the many different uses.

If you want to test your knowledge of the word f!!! … watch the movie The Usual Suspects.

Here is a starting point. This video is not only instructional, it is entertaining. Grammar is a pillar of societies!

Centence takes it from hilarious to absurd, and the grammatical truths bring it right back down to reality.

Definition of Fuck (Watch on YouTube)

So you freaking have it!

My most favorite F word is – FERMENTATION – fantabulous freaking funky food family

Love, Xxoo Lynnie


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