By Lynnie Stein / January 15, 2024

The Epic Manifesting Arsenal 2024!

Manifesting Tool Kit includes embracing challenges, looking forward, focusing, being grateful, simplifying, smiling, breathing, loving, connecting, and meditating.

Behold, the year of the Dragon approaches! In its fiery embrace, our spirits awaken, daring us to take on the world with ferocity, ingenuity, and courage. With a vision of grandeur igniting our souls, we soar to new heights, unleashing our creative powers and overcoming all obstacles that stand in our path. As we bask in the company of kindred spirits and channel our energy into worthy pursuits, we shall emerge victorious, claiming the crown of triumph in this exhilarating year!

Awesome Goals to Achieve. Life’s Adventures List. What is this?

Humour is a badass approach for dealing with everyday challenges because it’s such a powerful coping mechanism. When life doesn’t go to plan, turn to humour as a consolation.

A badass will visualize success. They will see it and feel it. It’s amazing, how powerful our minds are when we use their full badass potential. It’s our habits and actions that define us. If you want to feel BADASS, you have to believe it and act like it.

Here is a system to help you discover and unlock that potential so you can put it in service to a life you love.
As you do, you bring your highest contribution to our world.

Use this beautiful 165 page prompted planner to create a daily life-changing practice.

Put it by your bed and just a few minutes a day when you wake up to start your day off right. And before bed to ensure you get a restful sleep. Or pop it in your handbag. And plan your Badass Week and Month with powerful, impactful, badass tasks.

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