By Lynnie Stein / October 15, 2022

The Awesome Power of Selenium

Selenium is one potent natural cancer cures the pharmaceutical industry hopes you never find out about.

Selenium has now been recognised by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in America as an anti-cancer nutrient, but the FDA fought in court for this not to be recognized and happily for cancer sufferers, the FDA lost.

Obviously there has to be some darn strong evidence available to prove selenium’s benefit in cancer prevention and treatment. Read on to find out.

  • The first conclusive study, a double blind study, was performed by Dr Larry Clarke and the results published by the University of Arizona Medical School back in 1996 (these results were then published in the prestigious “Journal of the American Medical Association” J.A.M.A).
  • Dr Clarke tested 1312 people and give them nothing more than 200 micrograms of selenium daily, then watch them for ten years (Most cancer sufferers are using 25 times this amount to treat their cancer) yet the results were outstanding.
  • Clark discovered that selenium alone was able to reduce the cancer mortality rate by 50%. 
  • Furthermore, it was actually able to reduce prostate cancer by 63% and colorectal cancers by 58%. 
  • It was able to reduce lung cancer by 46%, whether they were smokers or not. 
  • And in a parallel study conducted by the University of California San Diego, they found that selenium was able to reduce breast cancer in women by 65-95%, depending on the type.
  • There has been considerable research on the effect of selenium supplementation on the incidence of cancer in animals.
  • More than two-thirds of over 100 published studies in 20 different animal models of spontaneous, viral, and chemically induced cancers found that selenium supplementation (to at least adequate intake levels) significantly reduces tumour incidence, especially in comparison to selenium-deficient diets (53).
  • Evidence of cancer-inhibiting effects of selenium has provided a strong rationale for investigating potential associations between selenium intake and cancer risk in humans.

Amazing Stuff

The results from this study are truly astounding, but what is even more astounding was Dr Larry Clarke, the man who set up the study, was actually against selenium.

Dr Clark believed selenium (at the time) was nothing but a total fraud and set up the study to prove his theory. 

Instead he proved just the opposite!

And what’s almost unbelievable about all of this is even after the results, Dr Larry Clarke still refused to swallow his pride and recognise selenium’s benefits.

Three years after the study, Dr Larry Clarke died of prostate cancer when selenium may have saved him…that is stubborn.

“While I was dealing with extensive brain issues, the corporate medical profession made no mention of the proven benefits of coconut oil, high doses of vitamin B-12, B-100 complex, Turmeric, Alpha Lipoic Acid, 5-HTP, Creatine, DHEA, Selenium, Gingko Biloba, Vincpocetine and CoQ10.”

― Steven Magee

More Marvellous Benefits of Selenium…

  • So what other benefits can this remarkable mineral offer us as a natural cancer cure?
  • Well, selenium also works closely with vitamin C, vitamin E and beta carotene to block the chemical reactions in the body that create free radicals (free radicals damage DNA and cause degenerative diseases including cancer).
  • In addition, it actually helps to stop these damaged DNA molecules from reproducing.
  • So in other words, it prevents tumours from even developing!
  • Dr James Howenstine, in his book, A Physicians Guide to Natural Health Products That Work, says… (In regards to selenium)
  • “It contributes towards the death of cancerous and pre-cancer cells.
  • Their death appears to occur before they replicate, thus helping stop cancer before it gets started.”
  • And as a further “natural cancer cures” benefit, selenium has also been shown to aid in the slowing of cancer progression in patients who already have the disease.
  • Westerners often don’t get enough selenium, because it’s processed out of the foods normally eaten and western soils are deficient.
  • This is one of the reasons why American men are five times more likely to die from prostate cancer than Japanese men.
  • The standard Japanese diet contains four times the amount of selenium as the standard American diet.

Why is selenium good for thyroid?

Since it is incorporated into selenoproteins, which have an important antioxidant activity, selenium contributes to the antioxidant defence in the thyroid, by removing oxygen free radicals generated during the production of thyroid hormones [14, 15].

Extra Exciting Information on Selenium For Breast Cancer Prevention and Cure…

Ralph W Moss, in his book “Cancer Therapy”, talks about selenium and breast cancer. He states…

The statistics for breast cancer are particularly striking. “The higher the selenium, the lower the breast cancer,” says Professor Ladas.

Similar associations have been found with leukaemia, as well as cancers of the intestines, rectum, ovary, prostate, lung, pancreas, skin and bladder.

In Yugoslavia, scientists studied 33 patients with breast cancer. These women had selenium levels in their bloodstream only half those of healthy volunteers.

  • And in “Eat and Heal” by the editors of FC&A Medical Publishing, they talk about the powerful effects of selenium when combined with iodine as a natural remedy for cancer, in particular, breast cancer…
  • Stephen Cann, associate researcher at the University of British Columbia, gives advice to women who want to fight breast cancer with diet, “Eat different types of seaweed”.
  • These include wakame, kombu, and the more common nori – sea vegetables that might fight cancer because of their iodine and selenium.
  • “We think it is very important for the breast”, Cann says about iodine.
  • This mineral, he believes, may prevent and even shrink breast tumours by combining with certain fatty acids and stopping cancerous cells from multiplying.
  • And without the selenium, iodine doesn’t do its job properly.

Sodium Selenite is a white, sand-like solid.

It is used to remove green colour from glass, as a laboratory chemical and as a medication.

Ever wonder why Ariel (as in “The Little Mermaid”) has such a hot bod? Turns out, seaweed may be the secret to her healthy figure!!

Also good for dudes!!

  • Due to its extraordinarily rich mineral content, kelp is a great food for men, as the man’s semen contains high amounts of minerals that are lost with ejaculation, and kelp helps replenish those minerals and restore energy after ejaculation.
  • We add dried kelp to our Himalayan pink salt shaker – also great for making fermented veggies – especially cabbage. You can add a layer of seaweed to your sauerkraut making for benefits all round and tasty to boot.
  • Kelp is a sea vegetable (seaweed) extraordinarily rich in minerals, such as magnesium, selenium and calcium. Sufficient mineralisation from proper nutrition has been known to normalize and calm behaviour.
  • A lack of proper mineral nutrition has been implicated in practically every symptom of poor health and emotionally extreme behaviour.
  • Kelp is the most abundant food in iodine.
  • Green algae such as sea lettuce or ulva + sea grapes
  • Brown algae such as kombu, arame, kelp, and wakame (the miso soup seaweed)
  • Red algae such as dulse, laver + nori (the sushi seaweed)
  • Blue-green algae such as spirulina + cholorella 

Seaweed may also help you reduce weight because it contains few calories, filling fibre, and fucoxanthin, which contributes to increased metabolism.

The high consumption of sea vegetables may very likely account for the low rates of cancer and the high life expectancy in Japan. The countries that consume seaweeds and other foods from the ocean regularly, such as Japan and Iceland, tend to live longer than others and have very high life expectancy. 

The simple fact is all natural remedies for cancer you come across should be built on selenium supplementation.

You simply cannot go without this nutrient!

“Selenium is an important mineral that supports our immune system.”

Brazil nuts are up there as being one of the richest dietary sources of selenium, which is an essential micronutrient needed for our well being. 

  •  “As part of my daily supplement regimen, I eat two Brazil nuts every day,” says Katie Lemons, the functional medicine expert behind the Twist of Lemons Instagram account and one of the first to popularize the nut as supplement.
  • “They help regulate thyroid function, protect against skin and breast cancer (especially for those with the BRCA1 gene), can prevent mercury toxicity, and are a mood booster.
  • Brazil nuts are safe for all population types without nut allergies.
  • Make sure to buy the nuts in small batches and refrigerate them so they don’t go rancid.”
  • To further support her daily regimen, this study2 found that 2 Brazil nuts per day were as effective as a supplement for adequately raising selenium levels in the body.
  • Brazil nut oil can contribute to healthy skin and other ailments like eczema and psoriasis.

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