By Lynnie Stein / October 31, 2023

The Adventures of My Solo Dolo Dating Life

I’m passionate about the little things in life, like hands in the soil, feeling the ocean breeze, and listening to music. I also enjoy the contrast between walking barefoot on the beach and dressing up in heels for a night out. Honesty and loyalty are fundamental to my values.

I am a fierce force of love, deserving of the kind that makes hearts thump and takes breaths away. My beauty radiates from within, bursting outwards in every direction. With a treasure trove of tales under my belt, I’m ready to create even more. I’m bold and confident, knowing exactly what my heart yearns for.

As we all have our own histories, it’s reasonable to expect everyone to have baggage. Personally, I’ve taken my past experiences and transformed them into stylish luggage.

My motto is simple: sprinkle kindness and positivity around like confetti, treating others as I’d like to be treated.

Hey there, listen up! I’m on the lookout for a real man, not some one-night wonder or fling fling. Age and distance are just numbers that can be swiped away with a quick drive or flight. I’m all about hand-holding, smooches, and a fella who values trust, loyalty, and honesty.

Let’s make some sweet music with that perfect combo of Best Friend Chemistry, Sexual Chemistry, and Mutual Respect. Bonus points if you’re a happy-go-lucky guy with a secure attachment style. And hey, check out my current pics from my book launch and music festival (October 2023) and 80’s Madonna event (Feb 2023)!

There’s nothing better than the feeling of being understood and connected to someone special. Money can’t buy you love, so let’s trade in the real currency. Remember, life is a gift, so let’s enjoy every moment of it!

I’m tossing out this message in a bottle and can’t wait to see where it lands.

Perfect Match

Instead of hunting for a flawless match, I say pick a partner that’s a perfect fit. It’s about two strong individuals joining forces to inspire each other to be the best they can be. A relationship built on mutual respect and emotional support, where we grow to understand each other’s quirks and share our deepest desires. A bond that protects each other’s happiness and loves without limits. The secret to a thriving relationship? Open communication, attentive listening, and keeping up the romance.

Ideal Date

Picture this: the perfect date. Think mouth-watering dishes, giggles galore, and a romantic stroll by the shimmering waters. My dream date would be a mix of clever banter and witty jokes, all while savouring a scrumptious meal by the tranquil waterfront. A leisurely walk and heart-to-heart conversations would round out the perfect evening.
For a first date, nothing beats a casual trip to the local markets or a quick stop at a charming gallery, where we can chat and get to know each other. But, above all, the key to my heart is laughter and being present in the moment. Let’s make some unforgettable memories, shall we?

Dream vacation

Though I’ve been jet-setting across the globe, exploring my own backyard is a must-do on my life’s checklist. There’s something special about sharing adventures with the right person, and I’m itching to pitch a tent by the beach and gaze at the starry sky. The twinkling constellations feel almost within reach, inspiring me to embark on my wildest dreams and aspirations.

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