By Lynnie Stein / October 15, 2018


• This is an influential fermentation factor.

• Room temperature is the ideal temperature for the fermenting fairies to perform.

Most sources agree that 68 degrees F (20 degrees C) is an optimal temperature to ferment, although most also agree that anything in the 64 to 78 degree F (17.7-25.5 C) range will work just fine.

• Warmer temperatures will speed up fermentation, lower temperatures will slow it down.

If temperatures are too low, fermentation may not start at all.

If they are too high, fermentation will happen too quickly, leading to a faster decomposition of your tasty ferment and, sometimes, a less crispy kraut.

• We live in the tropics. We have two seasons … summer and hot summer.

Fermentation was designed to ferment the harvest in season to cover for the times when mother nature does not provide.

We have learnt to place a frozen bottle in with our milk kefir in the hot summer months. We have an old time food safe and it is ideal for our fermenting bottles. Our crocks we often start in the air conditioned bedroom, then after the first week or two move to the lined garage / special fermenting closet.


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