By Lynnie Stein / July 9, 2024

Tasty Taco Tuesday

Adding a touch of fermented magic to your meals is a breeze! Quick & Quirky Cultured Cuisine!

The beauty of having a stockpile of fermented treats is that you can whip up a wholesome dish in no time – it’s like nature’s drive-thru at its belly-friendly finest!

What’s your go-to fermented twist for taco night?

I’m all about that tangy tomato salsa and coconut relish – quick, delicious, and oh-so satisfying!

Diving into the world of fermenting is like hitting the jackpot!

Who knew that learning to plant cabbage seeds with Grandma Matilda Augusta Stein at five would spark a lifelong obsession with gardening, foraging, and fermenting for health.

I bet Grandma would be over the moon to see my son, Thierry, catching the gardening bug too.

Pass it on! Let the next generation keep the fermenting flame alive!

Fermentation is an eternal art! Skills for life!

Sending heaps of love and good bacteria your way, Xo, Lynnie

Ready to ferment up a storm with 10 bottles, 10 foods, in under 10 minutes, for just $10?

Presenting the 10 for $10 Course

Here’s a taste of what you’ll master:

Module 1: Sauerkraut Tonic – The ultimate pre-meal shot for kissin’ acid reflux goodbye!

Module 2: Beet Kvass – Liver detox and hangover hero, also doubles as a zesty salad dressing!

Module 3: Quickie Kimchi – A spicy doctor dodger, perfect on everything from Bloody Mary to burritos!

Module 4: Let’s Salsa – Speedy, tasty food on-the-go to jazz up bread and more!

Module 5: Pink Falafel Pickles – Sour and satisfying, perfect for any dish!

Module 6: Coco Cabana – Luscious coconut chutney, a curry’s best friend!

Module 7: Pain Fighting Duo – Turmeric and ginger, your anti-inflammatory dream team!

Module 8: Oh, My Darling Clementine – Preserving citrus like the Moors, to enjoy year-round!

Module 9: Calcium & Mineral Rich Vinegar – Sleep aid extraordinaire, also a killer marinade base!

Module 10: Medicinal Liquor – Hippocrates approved for fever, recovery, and gut health!

Bonus: Dive into the fermenting world with me, Lynnie Stein, and let’s master your gut!

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Bonus Fermentation Glossary: From acronyms to tools, tips, and health transformations, we’ve got you covered!

What People Are Saying: “Lynnie makes fermenting a breeze with her wealth of knowledge.” – Anna Sheed, Counsellor

“Lynnie’s experience shines through, making everything simple.” – Ann Nelson, Author

Take a 10-day fermenting adventure with a money-back guarantee. Let’s ferment some magic together for just $10!

10 for $10

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