By Lynnie Stein / January 3, 2024

Tangled in breadcrumbs of a relationship…

Hope on ya bike if you come across a breadcrumber… I’m a double trouble rider, pedalling and revving the engine! This “breadcrumbing” business is like a case of always having dirty shoes – they’re constantly searching for the next dazzling pair, and if you let them, they’ll toss you aside and come running back when it suits them.

If they want to fly, let them spread their wings, and if they return, bid them “sayonara” with open arms.

Sometimes, you gotta let go of folks who just don’t get you. It’s tough, but it’s the most important move you’ll make. Don’t waste time and energy on folks who don’t wanna grow and evolve. Save those deep conversations for people who do!

Who says love can’t be a fairy tale?
Tina Turner, the rock goddess, found her knight in shining Armor after escaping from an abusive first marriage. Erwin Bach, a young music exec at the time, was tasked to pick up the famous singer from the airport. When they finally met, it was like a scene out of a romantic comedy! Tina felt her heart flutter and her hands shake, knowing that she had met her soulmate. Despite being from different worlds, they hit it off and built a beautiful relationship together. Tina took the first step, leaving her comfort zone, and made it a priority to get to know Erwin. And guess what? They were together for over 30 years! Erwin might not have felt love at first sight, but he sure had the smarts to realize that Tina was the one for him. If Tina can leave her fear behind and take the plunge, we can too!

Open your heart and look around – magic is everywhere, just waiting to be discovered!
But sometimes, our emotions can get the best of us.
That’s where this book steps in to help!
Create Some Magic is a simple yet powerful tool that can bring balance to your life.
It’s packed with exercises to help you attend to your emotional needs, create amazing relationships, combat loneliness, and set big and small goals.
It’s perfect for anyone who wants to improve their life, and maybe even make it a bit more fun!
These exercises are straight from our Mind + Body Transformation Course, which has helped countless people transform their lives.
And now, you can do it too! With a spare copy, you can even bring a friend along for the ride.
You deserve happiness, and it all starts with believing in yourself.
You are brave, strong, and have unlimited potential.
So, are you ready to unlock your magic in just 9 weeks?
Let’s do this! With love and light, Lynnie ❤️

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