By Lynnie Stein / May 26, 2021

Super Moon

A beautiful evening under the moon

We gathered under the total super moon / lunar eclipse with a blazing fire. Sharing stories with a fermented and fresh food feast.

Our local fermenting workshops had like a lot of events around the world slowed, due to lockdown.

Tonight (May 26, 2021) we returned with a how to mix the fresh and the fermented.

We were in teams and everyone helped make the feast.

We shared stories and thought you might find this one interesting. #lactofermentation has, what you could regard as, “seasons” based on lunar cycles.

If you like the science info read the publication “Cosmic Influences” from Dolisko, Eugen and L. Kolisko (Agriculture of Tomorrow – originally published in 1939).

At the change of each moon, about 5 days before full and new moon, probiotics will be most active, in terms of growth.

The day/night of full moon at the strongest.

The day/night of new moon they will be the least active, and lacto-fermentation of food suffering in quality.

RIGHT after the change of moon, activity is inactive (dead), wait at least five days.

Five days AFTER the activity is back to normal, continuing to grow until the moon changes.

The period before new moon is very powerful for lacto-fermentation.

This is when fruit garden harvest are typically juicier and sweeter, and plant growth is accelerated.

It’s an accelerated growing period- your kefir will reward you with growth!!

The period before full moon is the same.

Full moon is when animal, insect, and parasites breed.

The most predominant parasites (intestinal parasites) take up lodging in the colon and other digestive organs.

The human digestive tract will often be called “the second brain”

Parasites take their primary place of residency there, and will trigger instinctual behavior (such as eating or aggressive behavior if urges aren’t met) in order to insure their propagation and well being.

Folklore has many stories of peeps going crazy at full moon – hence the word – lunatics.

What is fantastic for fermentation lovers is lactofermentation kills off the critters by making the environment unhospitable. Or, restoring a healthy body ecology instead of an unhealthy one.

Got to love our fermented food family. Goodnight everyone. My grandma would say… sleep tight and don’t let the bugs bite 🤣Off to have a dash of my super vinegar- that will keep away any super bugs and give me a restful night

Love and bacteria , Lynnie Stein


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