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If we haven’t met yet, I’m Lynnie Stein. I started my first online business Eco Studio 18 years ago.

Since then I have built and sold (or evolved) multiple businesses online

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Before the idea of “living green” was popular, the people behind were promoting the idea of an eco-conscious, healthy lifestyle. Now has become one of the Web’s largest green communities on the Internet.

APRIL 10, 2008

Green living is something that a lot of people talk about doing, but only a small percentage of them actually end up implementing any of their world changing speech. However, thanks to the power of the Internet and a Web site by the name of a virtual community of eco-conscious activists are impacting change in the real world, one person at a time.

From reducing their carbon footprint to growing and preserving (fermentation) organic foods, has step-by-step articles, which help to aide visitors wanting to learn more about living an eco-friendly lifestyle. However, it’s perhaps the community forum that provides the most value to new users of

“Over the past few months, the community forum on has really started to take off,” said Lynette Stein, CEO of Ecobites. “We have some of the brightest and most determined people I’ve ever met on the forum. There are a few users that post daily organic/vegetarian/vegan recipes, while others post ways to reduce your carbon footprint. There’s even a section for eco-friendly weddings. There’s really something for everyone.”

The site is updated weekly with new content from the Ecobites staff, however, Ecobites encourages users to create an eco-blog and/or send in their own articles to be published. So in that sense, there’s new content to be found on the site every single day.

As Earth Day quickly approaches, Ecobites is gearing up for flood of new traffic and users, who will soon be finding the site for the first time.

“Every year around Earth Day we see a spike in Web site traffic,” said Stein. “Our goal is to convert those people who are simply searching for eco-conscious ideas because it’s Earth Day, into people who want to find new eco-conscious ideas 365 days a year.”

Ecobites is a community that has an interest in all things green. Sustainability, climate change, lowering our carbon footprint, organics, etc. Over the past few years, has grown into one of the Web’s largest eco communities.

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