By Lynnie Stein / October 12, 2018

Sowing the Fermentation Seed

Little did I realize that at the age of five when my grandmother was teaching me how to sow seeds of the humble Cabbage, that she was actually sowing the seed of a lifelong passion in gardening, foraging and fermenting.

Sharing the gift of vegetable and fruit fermentation – Skills for Life! 

DIY / home-made fermented foods contain beneficial bacteria (called probiotics).

Having sufficient quantity and diversity of such bacteria in our digestive tract is essential for strong immunity, digestive function, metabolism / weight control, clear skin and brain function – to name just a few reasons.

Fermentation is practiced around the world in such variety that there is no absolute one right way. It is not a one-step one and done dish.

Therefore, Kraut Grandmaster Matilda Augusta Stein, would liken it to a dance!

Fermentation has enabled our ancestors to utilize foods from a time of plenty (harvest) to a time of shortage (winter / drought).

Ferments were the original fast foods.

The Fermentation journey has taken us around the globe and hundreds of thousands of years back in time.

It is the most exciting journey we know.

We invite you to join us.

My motto is “Keeping it simple and making the most with what we have”!

So, get your dancing shoes on!

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