By Lynnie Stein / January 5, 2019


From what my parents told me, hard times can be faced and overcome if there is a positive, happy attitude in the family.

Simple pleasures , simple food well prepared, more time spent on people than things.

Mum’s ability to rise above the occasion stemmed from thick soups (for example, barley, vegetable and dumpling), lots of singing, reading, gardening, chickens and keeping busy.

Nothing was wasted

Old clothes were turned into blanket-like things Mother called ‘Waggas’.

These she made from corn bags opened out, stitched together, padded with worn out clothes, quilted and finally bound with floral material. Likewise, sugar bags were unpicked, and edged with floral scraps to become aprons, bath mats and foot towels.

– Vera Deacon in Depression Down Under, 1977.


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