By Lynnie Stein / April 17, 2020

Serving ‘kraut

Kraut combinations make a lovely condiment or side salad to eat with each meal, including world class breakfast of vegetables, broths, eggs or ethical meats.

You can create countless varieties of world class salads and lunch boxes that begin with fresh homemade sauerkraut as a base.

Mixed in salad, eat kraut by itself, kraut on a sandwich in place of lettuce.

All day breakfast … eggs poached in turmeric broth with steamed fresh garden greens serve with avocado, fresh herbs and sprouts and kraut salad.

Add to raw crackers and nourishing raw treats .. bliss balls, chocolate, sweet pies etc.

Kraut tastes and looks great in Nori and lettuce rolls.

Add to avocado, guacamole or beetroot hummus, it’s simply magical.

Sprout and kraut salad with nut/seed dressing for a light summer dinner

Shredded cucumber and spiral zucchini or beetroot are particularly good to add to kraut on hot summer days.

Vine-ripened tomatoes add more sweetness and natural juice.

For added sweetness to the “sauer”, add chunks of fresh fruit like mango, apple, grapes, pineapple and banana. Try raw honey and orange juice dressing in place of olive oil.

For more protein, add a soft boiled egg or a handful of activated walnuts, pecans, cashews or ethical meat of choice.

And to bring everything together, definitely look at trying a wide variety of salad dressings, fresh herbs and in season produce.

Unrefined extra virgin olive oil, cold-pressed nut oils and vinegar or citrus juice with raw local honey can make a super simple dressing, but you can also add onion, shallot or leek, fermented garlic / ginger/ horseradish, herbs and enrichment’s like home made tahini, egg yolks, buttermilk, miso or homemade kefir and yoghurt. 

Whisk these together and store in the fridge or on the kitchen counter if simple vinaigrette.

Make mayonnaise with olive oil, vinegar or lemon juice, egg yolks and a dash of brine or preserved citrus rind.

Add kraut to sandwiches (traditional corn beef Reuben) or use as a flavouring agent in dressings and soups.

  • The Vegetarian Reuben; Tempeh, sauerkraut, cheese if desired and special sauce on sourdough rye, with a dill pickle on the side.
  • Add a scoop of sauerkraut to a quinoa bowl with steamed veggies for a zesty zing.
  • Add Kraut to Vegetable Rice Paper or coconut Wraps or Sushi.
  • Add small amount of kraut (cabbage, salt and organic banana skins) to pets and chickens food.

Coconut / Rice paper rolls

Place julienne carrot, cucumber, capsicum, shallot on a lettuce leaf with kraut in the middle Lemon Myrtle Aioli, cooked chicken slithers (if desired) and then wrap in coconut or rice paper. It also can be served with Lemon Myrtle Chili Sauce / Lemon Pickles.

Kraut Cucumber Sushi The perfect entertainer starter or pop into a lunch box: Kraut in cucumber sushi, drizzled with Pesto Vinaigrette / Wild Pesto / Warrigal Greens and Lemon Aspen Pesto Vinaigrette and Pomegranate Relish

  1. 1. Cut ends off cucumber
  2. 2. Scoop out cucumber seeds
  3. 3. Fill cucumber with sauerkraut
  4. Slice filled cucumber
  • Try ‘kraut in and on everything!

How do you serve your sauerkraut?

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