By Lynnie Stein / January 1, 2024

20 Crazy Sauerkraut Tips and Tricks!

Let’s take a trip back in time to ancient days when our ancestors munched on ferns and cattails, crossing their fingers they wouldn’t get sick. But, they soon caught on and decided to ferment their food, and the practice took off like lightning! One of the oldest recorded stories of fermentation comes from China, where folks soaked cabbage in rice wine. The builders of the Great Wall relied on this “sour vegetable” to keep scurvy away. Zooming to the 13th century in Europe, the Mongolians introduced salted cabbage to the locals, and kraut or “suan cai” became a precious gift of fermentation celebrated worldwide.

Sauerkraut , medicine in a jar (brine), classic perpetual sauerkraut salad

Kraut: A flavourful feast that unites the world!

The French have their “choucrote”, Koreans have “kimchi”, the Dutch say “zourhool” and “kapusta” is from Russia.

Even the Nepalis have Gundruk and Sinki!

From appetizers to digestion remedies, this cult-followed dish is simply amazing.

We call it “sauerkraut”, a name that originated in Austria. The legendary Kraut Grandmaster Matilda Augusta Stein was a genius in creating the “joie de vivre” and taught us how to dance, sing, laugh, love and eat with kraut. Her secret recipe involves home-grown cabbage, salt, and caraway, which is left to ferment for six weeks, and behold! Food that’s great for your health and your taste buds.

But wait, there’s more! Once fermentation begins, your home will smell like a delicious bottle of sauer ruben / turnip kimchi.

So, let’s all blow off some steam and enjoy the gifts of fermentation!

The 20 Ultimate Sauerkraut Hacks!

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