By Lynnie Stein / May 16, 2020

Sauerkraut Salad Recipe

To remember a successful salad is generally to remember a successful dinner; at all events, the perfect dinner necessarily includes the perfect salad.
George Ellwanger

Classic Sauerkraut, 1 Heirloom Carrot, grated / 1 large green capsicum and / celery, chopped, 1 Salad Onion, chopped.

A well-made salad must have a certain uniformity; it should make perfect sense for those ingredients to share a bowl.
Yotam Ottolenghi

Chopped Parsley Extra Virgin Olive Oil Smashed fermented garlic clove and ginger and turmeric (optional)

Place a couple of tablespoons of sauerkraut in a mixing bowl. Mix in grated carrot, chopped onion and parsley.

Sprinkle caraway seeds, if not in kraut, garlic, turmeric and ginger if desired, to taste.

Drizzle Extra Virgin Olive oil and mix in. Cover and refrigerate overnight.

Keeps well refrigerated for 2 weeks.

You can keep adding other fresh ingredients each day.

Grandma would serve with mashed potato, we often serve with mashed cauliflower or top sweet potato and banana flour pizza – it tastes amazing! So good!

• Change the flavour by adding a different dressing.

Replace olive oil with orange juice and a dash of raw local honey with any fresh or dried herbs or spices, possibly a dash of cayenne.

Add kefir or mayonnaise and make coleslaw.

Add as a side to smashed organic eggs or scrambled eggs and greens + a dash of mustard.

You can start with any sauerkraut flavour or even a mixture – great way to use the little bits left in the jars.

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