By Lynnie Stein / November 9, 2018

Sage Advice

The voice of Grandma rings loud, “You are what you eat child, so stop complaining and eat that good food.” 

We love to plant Grandma’s seed, that seed will grow and you will share it with others.

In the fermenting community … 

There is a lot of “I wish I could make that”, “I wish I had the motivation to keep fermenting our veggies”, “what bottles to use?”, “when is it ready?” etc., etc.”

And then I had an idea …

What if there was a community that provided hands-on group get-togethers and all the information for gut-loving fermenter’s.

A place for novice and experienced fermenter’s to go and ask questions, join in on our planning and playing days, share their success stories and have access to a library.

What would that look like?

10 toasties made with the 10 for 10 ferments

And I got brainstorming (which usually comes after the idea).

To create a community for gut-healing, store the garden harvest, have fun, belong to the tribe fermenter’s…. a Rockstar of awesome fermenter’s.

A community that houses positivity and creativity. A community that supports your gut-healing and fermenting journey.

A community that inspires you and meets you where you are in your skill level.

Would you or someone you care about be interested in being a member of this community?

What I am talking about is a paid membership community.

As a member you can immediately binge on a 7 module online fermenting course (with lifetime access) + over 30 eBooks (downloadable library) + powerful gut check and food mood planners + step-by-step worksheets.

The opportunity to join in to live discussions and fermenting demonstrations. A private members only group.

Q & A chat session on that month’s topic.

* ALL sessions recorded for those who can’t make it live*

VIP Access to Special Virtual Events

🖤and bacteria


The only problem is?  You don’t know where to start

• Struggle to find time and keep motivated?

• Not sure of the correct containers and technique to use?

You will learn the artistry

and alchemy

to make fermented foods at home.

Starting with 10 easy & quick,

step by step recipes.

Plus medicinal,


and healing!


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