By Lynnie Stein / July 1, 2021


The state of being romantic

A movement in arts literature that emphasized inspiration, subjectivity and the beauty of nature and human emotion.

Romanticism a broad movement of thought In philosophy, the arts, history, and political theory, at its height in Germany, England and France towards the end of the 18th and in the earlier part of the 19th centuries. Romanticism was filling the minds of people everywhere.

Today, it appears Romanticism is something we don’t make time for. Why should we be romanticizing anything when there are protests to attend and people to fight for?

Romanticism isn’t about looking at the world through rose-tinted glasses; the original romantics saw the world as beautiful and bright yet never shied away from from its darkness, never hid from negative emotions.

Instead romantics embraced moments of solitude, even if they were consumed with loneliness.

Romantics had a preoccupation with aesthetic beauty, not the idea of beauty we’ve come to expect.

Romantics appreciated natural beauty; the curves of the body, the softness of skin folds and “imperfection’s”.

When we thinks of Romanticism, we think of peeps hiding from reality, but really romantics embraced reality, bright cheerful days and dark stormy nights.

We encourage you over the next few months to channel your inner romantic and see where it takes you.

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