By Lynnie Stein / August 5, 2022

Ready for Spring cleaning

A quick and safe DIY cleaning hack. + a great way to re-purpose past tongue-tasty kombucha or water kefir + the orange peels.

How to use the past it kombucha / water kefir

• Pour well-brewed (past the tongue tasty stage) kombucha / Tibicos (water kefir) in a jar to cover orange peels.

• Cover and store at room temperature for a few weeks.

• Strain and bottle.

Glass & mirror – 1/2 cup orange vinegar + 1/2 cup water / herb brew in spray bottle.

Scrubber … 1/4 cup orange vinegar + 1/2 cup herb brew / water + 1/2 cup liquid castile.

Mix orange vinegar with olive oil for a wood polish + a fine salad dressing.

Makes the home smell divine!

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