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If you’re a newbie fermenting fanatic, or a seasoned pro looking to spice up your skills, you’ve come to the right spot!

The Gut Academy Create

Get ready to ignite your taste buds and heal your gut with The Gut Academy Create Club!

Every month, we’ll dive into the art of gut health, tackling the Gut Academy Gut Healing Program with gusto. Join us on the last weekend of each month, for a blast of flavour and fun with Lynnie Stein, our very own food wizard.

Lynnie comes from a long line of culinary geniuses, and her grandma Matilda Augusta Stein was the queen of sauerkraut! With Lynnie’s guidance, we’ll explore everything from pickles to wild ferments, and every bite will be packed with love and tradition.

Ready to join the party? Sign up for just $9 (AUD) per month, and you can cancel anytime.

Get ready to amp up your skills and conquer the world with a brand new project every month! Plus, we’ll have a Q&A session and loads of cheering to help you succeed.

Are you geared up?

Terms: $9 (AUD) each month. No commitment, stop any time.

Revealing the epic tale of your love

Listen up, all you unicorns and mermaids embracing the middle life and beyond! If you’re ready to jazz up your world, then hold on tight because the Gut Academy Life is about to take you on a thrilling adventure!

Level up to the most joyful you! Whenever you put yourself down, a poor unicorn loses its precious horn – so let’s keep those horns and give ourselves some love instead!

For 12 glorious weeks, you’ll join forces with a squad of supportive cheerleaders who will guide you through life’s ups and downs.

Whether you’re yearning for a beach-ready bod or hoping to find your soulmate, we’ve got your back, sis! Meet Lynnie, the mastermind behind this epic crew.

Her mission? To sprinkle happiness and pump up your confidence as you navigate the tricky midlife stage. With her enchanting coaching skills, you’ll be living your best life like a total boss!

What People Are Saying

Lynnie’s depth of knowledge is beyond belief and makes the process so simple to put into action straight away.

Happy tummy’s all around here. Thank you.

Anna Sheed

Counselor, Betterminds

It shows you have a lifetime of experience

Ann Nelson

Author, Ann Nelson: Retire Well, Retire Happy

Lynnie guides you with her fermentation wisdom, loving support, and kindness on how to love ya guts!

Samantha Jurgens

Holistic Therapist, Nature Kids Club

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