By Lynnie Stein / November 11, 2018


Love Sunday lunch.

A set table, great company and food.

What more could you ask for?

The star of the show … pitpit baked in fresh coconut cream, topped with fermented ginger and turmeric paste.

All from our tropical garden.

If you are not familiar…

Pitpit hails from New Guinea. Known as Tebu bertelur in Malaysia and Teboo endog in Java.

Pitpit belongs to the grass family – like sugarcane.

The part of the plant eaten are the flowers. With a protein value.

Pitpit grows like lemongrass on steroids.

It shoots up quickly and needs a lot of space.

Propagation is by division of the old clump.

The edible flower looks like long thin corn. (great fermented)

The flowers do not open.

After harvesting the old stems are cut down and used for mulch.

The clump is covered with fermented scrap tonic and mulch.

The cycle of yummy pitpit starts again.

Tell us how you have created a recipe with pitpit, we would love to hear!


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