By Lynnie Stein / October 15, 2018

Pack It!

• Pack vegetables tightly into the fermenting container.

This will also encourage the release of liquid.

We use a wooden spoon / pestle / rolling pin or the best tool – our fist.

This lets the brine left in the vegetables to be released and rise above the surface.

Having a layer of brine above the vegetables, keeps out oxygen, helping facilitate the fermentation process.

It also helps prevent mold and unwanted bacteria from forming.

For floating whole vegetables, to help keep the vegetables submerged in the brine, place a smaller jar (with beans or salted brine added to the jar) in the larger jar or use a special designed glass weight or chunk of vegetable like a daikon wedge –  celery or outside cabbage leaf or use bamboo sticks.

You may have to pour out some brine to prevent overflow.

If you don’t have a smaller jar that will fit, keep an extra special eye on the jars each day to ensure the vegetable is staying submerged in the brine and pack it down more, only if required. Try not to mess with your vegetables in the first stage.

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