By Lynnie Stein / December 24, 2019

On this Christmas Eve…

we are grateful for those who have come into our lives.

“Everything will be okay in the end. And if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”


As another year comes to a close… Celebrate Simple & Your Tribe

You’ve spent a year delving into the magic of everyday miracles.

So, how to continue the journey?

Start by discovering the concept of future-steading and living a simpler life.

If you were to leave your life today and pack only the things you truly need, without a doubt you would have a light load.

When you pare back the noise from the stuff you acquire, what’s left is what matters; when you focus your energy on what remains, these treasures thrive and become your true wealth.

Take comfort in simple recipes, simple clutter-free homes, simple schedules, simple pleasures, and simple expectations. This everyday stuff forms the brick of our existence – breathing, sniffing fresh herbs, feeling the sun on your back, hearing the song of a frog or magpie, snapping and eating fresh peas, having a chat with a childhood friend.

It’s not always easy to keep things simple (simplicity often comes after complexity), however, the more we set our sights on simple, the less we need to seek the elusive state of balance.

It’s not only a kinder and more joyful way to live, but it’s also pretty darn liberating.

A from-scratch childhood pre-set my adult inclination.

Simple is Sacred

What are your simple pleasures?

Seeking the simple life is simple, really.

Here are some of mine…

Sit with a memory that makes you smile. 

Make your presents and be proud to give them.

Read books aloud to each other.

Make kefir from fresh, raw milk with the cream still on top.

Eat snack plates on weekends.

Light your favourite candle and give thanks for life’s bounty.

Have a bath with a friend.. not a spa, but a bath. Wear a swimming costume and take wine or beverage of choice!

Sleep in fresh sheets.

Laugh out loud, right from your belly. If you have a partner – There’s no better feeling than laughing with the person you’re in love with. 

Walk out the door with no timeframe to return.

Write a letter and post it.

Have a cup of herb brew at sunrise in your own special spot.

Watch a sunset.

Take a good friend for a ride on your bike.

The sound of beach waves.

Spending time in the park – especially on the swings.

Look for the beauty in all things and places.

Dance or sing without inhibition. Dancing in the mirror. When you let loose and just dance to your favourite song, it feels extremely good. 

Practising meditation.

Setting intentions for the day.

Writing down things you are grateful for.

Saying positive affirmations aloud.

Donate all those items that no longer bring you joy to those in need. 

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Grateful for my dear friend, Brian,  who shared this with me today, all the way from a white Christmas country (Canada) We can only dream … with our tropical Christmas. 

Your vibe attracts your tribe!

On this Christmas Eve we think about those who have come into our lives.

Those who have enhanced our existence just by being the beautiful souls they are …

The people who are there for you on your darkest nights

Are the ones worth spending your brightest days with …

Good friends Are like stars

You don’t always see them, but they are there when you need them …

Our tribe is a group of unicorns who know the value of gratitude,

Who embrace each other with much love and respect,

Appreciation and compassion

Our strength alone is multiplied with the strength of our hearts a thousand times more!

We shall never be alone when we have our tribe to support us during those dark times,

Don’t ever forget we share a bond of love and peace with each other,

No matter what time, what distance,

What distress,

What turmoil,

We are deeply committed to each other,

And we are so deeply loved by each other,

through the good times as well as the toughest times,

I love you all most powerfully,

and I cherish you more than words could ever express.

Merry Christmas wishes to our tribe!!


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