By Lynnie Stein / October 19, 2022

October Newsletter

As adults we are accustomed to live outside the body, to be absorbed externally. When we ignore the body, we begin to lose the ability to feel joy and pleasure. No matter what appears to be occurring around you. 


Because without it, self-care means nothing.

The body is like an open book: everything our conscious mind ignores, the body will feel, store and try to bring up to the surface in various ways (like sudden pain, skin problems, allergies etc).

We might suddenly discover that the body is aching and we have no idea why.

Think of your body as a powerful compass and healing tool. 🧘

Each time you feel a strong sensation that is your internal alarm going off saying “there’s something important here, pay attention to me”.

If you’re having a hard time listening to your body, here’s the easiest way to start:

Get more sensitive and begin the art of intuitive eating and food purchasing. 🔄

Eating should not be another item on the to-do list. Preparing food is part of self-care.

A good relationship with food (and also with Self) means a communication between emotions, body, mind and the food you are eating. You need to start feeling, in order to be sensitive enough to be intuitive about eating.

All of this is just another way to practice self-love. Self-love is an emotional act. 

It’s about the individual and devotion you give to that individuality. 

To feel good in your skin you need more than having a bubble bath and getting a massage, or getting your hair and nails “did.” It’s what some might use as a label for getting your drink on with friends.

Those things are physical acts & are great.

However, You need self-love.

When we try to practice self-care without self-love, we work toward destruction. I’ve treated myself to an expensive brunch with friends before, having mimosas and desserts, and felt guilty for doing it. In the back of my mind, I’d say to myself, “What are you doing? You don’t need to put this into your body. You should be eating healthier.” And there it is . . . that “should” word. Too busy should-ing all over myself, I lost the enjoyment of saying instead, “I’m so glad I am doing this for myself right now.”

Do you see the difference?

This is essentially about discovering who you are, getting in tune with what you need and consciously choosing to make the right choices for you.

There are many ways to practice self love as you’ve probably discovered this month… and so many more waiting to be discovered. 🌅

A lot of love goes into the preparation and serving of the meal, but the most fun is actually sitting down all together to eat what you’ve put together.

Appreciate all the work that goes into growing, harvesting, processing, and distributing the food you choose to prepare.

Eat with others so you can share in their joy of eating tasty foods. There’s nothing better than creating a community around your table for a lovely meal. That is what The Gut Academy Club is all about – not just a course – a community where like minded peeps can come together at any time – the group is always open.

Eating is an act of love for ourselves, friends, and family who enjoy what we make. 

Mindful eating is a practice in being aware of both your food intake and food experiences. It’s taking the time to notice and appreciate flavour’s, textures and sensations of your food. To eat mindfully is to remove distractions-such as smartphones, computers, TV or other tasks-from meals and snacks, and to be more present while consuming these foods.

Mindful eating is also a practice in tuning into, and trusting, your body and its hunger, fullness and satisfaction cues.  It is meant to help you tune into your food preferences, and help you eat food that are both emotionally satisfying and physically satiating. It is also meant to help you learn to trust your body and its cues, instead of rigidly following a DIEt or meal plan that ignores your unique needs and food preferences.

The journey can be difficult without guidance, so if that’s what you’re looking for, the October Embrace your Metamorphosis – Eat better eat together gives you the knowledge, tools and support you need to explore the deeper parts of yourself and emerge transformed and make some fermenty goodness together.

Join us for CANDLE LIT BREAKFAST in the Club + 


Probiotic Raitas are simple side dishes served with a few varieties of curry + Injera and the centre piece of a stuffed pawpaw.

Tacos & Burritos

To unite family and friends with widely differing tastes, have a serve-yourself Mexican Feast!.

Eat Better, Eat Together

Every year, October serves as Eat Better, Eat Together Month. While the history of the day is unknown, it is meant to promote better eating habits, and encourage us to share more meals together.

Keep it artful and simple.

Or for a splendid Feast, plan to prepare with friends.

Have fun with being different.

Coordinate a curry feast or a simple burrito party or breakfast – plan with a friend, decide on the mood and menu you want. Then ask each guest to bring a specific dish that fits your theme.

Or, prepare and cook together, prepare special ingredients ahead of time (such as soaked cashew nuts, cooked grain, chick peas).

Invite a crowd to meet early, and prepare and cook together in teams.

Greet your guests with tools and ingredients laid out artfully as if you were setting the table. This makes food prep much more enjoyable! Ask for dish washing volunteers!

Chances are you’ll make it so intriguing to cook together that your family and friends may volunteer to help you organize another celebration feast.

Grandma Matilda Augusta Stein would invite the whole neighbourhood to join in for a Spanferkel 🐗 when the barrel of kraut was ripe, and every family went home with a bottle of sauerkraut.

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The Self Love component contains the best self-love techniques that I learned on my journey, which I trust will help you on yours. The how to ferment, I learned from my sage grandma and travel’s around the world and I trust you will pass on to your grandchildren and so on.

Anyone who enters this path is welcome.

Love and bacteria,

All the best, Xo, 

Lynnie & Team

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