By Lynnie Stein / October 15, 2018

Novice Fermentos

•The first time you ferment something, it is probably a good idea to follow a recipe or some general guidelines. Fermentation can create strong aromas and flavor’s, if not accustomed to, you might think the “right” smells are actually wrong.

•Believe me, you will KNOW if the smell is wrong. There is only one thing that smells and looks like mold or rotten as opposed to the gift of fermentation.

•Although, we must warn – fermented turnips (sauerrüben) and turnip kimchi have a pure Sulphur smell. When opening a bottle of turnip kimchi, you need to continue to assert that you “didn’t do it”. Very delis’, all the same!

Sauer Ruben is the same deal as sauerkraut only made with grated turnips.

The formula for making fermented turnips is the same as for making fermented cabbage, and you can use sauerruben pretty much the same way you use sauerkraut.

•Start with something simple and not too fancy. Too, many vegetable combinations, herbs and spices are the biggest mistake novice fermentos make. The taste of too many combinations can become murky. It is so much better to have a simple fermented base and mix in fresh ingredients and herbs when serving. The best tasting kraut is el dente, the more ingredients are added the softer it will get.

Sauerkraut brine is a great tummy loving introduction to fermentables for babies through to the wellderly.

•Better still, find a buddy or two to work and guide you through your early days. Remember, it takes a whole village to make Kimchi.

Let’s ferment together!

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