By Lynnie Stein / November 19, 2022

November News

It’s November. Oh boy, what a month. We had end of school!! Happy Graduation, Thierry. Have a wonderful time, & wonderful life. I love you, support you & admire you. So so proud of you.

Most of you probably know it by the bad weather, Black Friday and Thanksgiving.

Well, November is more than that.
It comes with many gifts…
We’re giving November to Movember
Everyone suffers from loneliness from time to time. This can cause peeps to be uncomfortable or sad, but 
it can also be an invitation to look within and discover the things that genuinely make you happy.
Your feelings of loneliness matter

Can a morning routine change your life?

Finding the right morning routine doesn’t need to be challenging, but making small, simple steps to improve each day will ultimately lead to higher productivity and happiness in the long run.
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One of the gifts that November offers is awakening

And one of the reasons November has such a high vibration for transformation is its number in the calendar.

It’s the 11th month of the year, 11 being the most intuitive number of all and is the first of the master numbers.

So, if you are ready to release some of the weight you’ve been carrying with you in the form of false beliefs, trauma and patterns, November can be a good time to do it quickly, since its energies are all about surrender and shifting.

Growth can sometimes happen with you or for you.

Keep an eye on your thoughts and observe what it is trying to tell you.
Gratitude can enhance your happiness

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Thanksgiving (24 November, 2022)A US national holiday to give thanks for the blessings of the past year, and the harvest, with a special Thanksgiving dinner.

It’s also celebrated on different dates in Canada, Grenada, Liberia and Saint Lucia.

We live in sunny Nth Qld, Australia & most don’t celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. 

Give thanks to life and give yourself a 30-day challenge to tidy up and transform your space into a sanctuary as opposed to a laundry-storage space that you may be sleeping in. 

Make your bed every morning.

Wash & change sheets regularly.

Set boundaries – doggies to have a bed outside your bedroom.

Have candle’s, essential oils and diffuser. Wear a sleep mask. Breathe and clear your head & heart. By way of tidying and organizing, we are free to let our minds and hearts explore beyond the roadblocks that hold us back.

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