By Lynnie Stein / January 1, 2019


In the New Year … Commit to create intimacy

The Blue Zones, (communities where its common to live well and feel well over 100) like Okinawa, Vilacamba, Abkhazia, and Hunza, are notorious for their centenarians and though they are most definitely eating primarily plant based diets, fewer calories than most and living without modern industrialization, the part that stands out most to those that have studied these communities is the closeness and caring that exists.

Elders are revered, not put into nursing homes, the lack of modern transportation and other conveniences, make for a more physically active lifestyle or walking distances, carrying goods and spending time out of doors, the emphasis is still on the closeness and caring of the community.

People go visit one another rather than go shopping.

They have a need to belong to one another rather than gather more belongings.

Medical Science now tells us that loving relationships have an ability to diffuse the negative medical effects of stress.

So today I commit to calling a friend, asking how they are and if I can visit soon.

I commit to taking risks to share what is really happening in my life and seeing what I can do for someone else.

How about you?

Tell us how you are creating intimacy, we would love to hear!


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