By Lynnie Stein / November 22, 2023

Never let her down

Let yourself be captured by a woman, but not just any woman. Let it be one who unsettles you, one who is at ease in her own skin and in her own solitude. One who knows the valleys and peaks of her own soul, and who is always in motion – always learning, always evolving. A woman with a to-be-read list of books and the uncanny ability to leave her mark on you.

Fall for a woman with fire in her belly, a passion that ignites even the darkest corners of her being.

One who is beautiful from within, whose multitudes and layers demand exploration. Let her intricacies and complexities beguile you, and do not be swayed by appearances alone. Fall for the parts of her that the world has overlooked, for in her lies the potential for greatness.

Choose a woman who will challenge you, who is better than you in ways you can’t even imagine. Together, let your steps be in perfect harmony, working towards a shared vision. And when you find her, fall completely and utterly.

Let her know that it is safe to do the same, and never let her down.

I am letting love into my life.
I deserve fulfilling relationships.
I am attracting trusting and loving relationships.
I am worthy of the compliments I receive.
I love myself and I am open to love.
I am open and ready to find true love.
I deserve love as I am.

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