By Lynnie Stein / January 1, 2020


What do you think. This is borrowed on a story of a life lesson????

Good people give you happiness.

Bad people give you experience.

The worst people give you a lesson.

And, the best people give you memories.

A healthy relationship will keep and bring memories.

In a romantic situation .. It is where two independent people make a deal they will help the other person be the best version of themselves.

In a manipulative relationship, one person is used for the benefit of another.

Manipulators share some common characteristics:

They know how to detect others’ weaknesses; once found, they use these weaknesses against you; they convince you to give up something in order to serve their self-centered interests.

Knowing your self worth and standing up for yourself are two important keys in dealing with a manipulator. The more you allow someone to drag you down, the more your self-worth will suffer.

Protect your self-worth … the right to be treated with self respect.

The right to express your feelings and opinions… the right to say NO without feeling guilty… the right to protect yourself from being physically, emotionally and mentally harmed.

Last and certainly not least … the right to live a happy, healthy life.

Say NO and mean it

Say NO if they are trying to get you to do what you don’t want to do.

They will use all the tricks they can think to try and get you to do something even after saying NO.

You have the basic right to say no without feeling guilty.

Be strong, don’t allow anyone to make you feel guilty, and stand your ground!

If they won’t take no and keep badgering you .. walk away and find a safe place.

Keep your distance They tend to live with extremes; being incredible polite and then suddenly becoming extremely rude.

If you observe extreme behavior’s on a regular basis, keep a healthy distance, and avoid being around the toxic person unless you absolutely have to.

If you have to deal with them, such as in a work situation, make the interaction as brief as possible.

Avoid self blame

You are not the problem. You are simply being manipulated to feel bad about yourself so that you’re more likely to surrender your power and rights.

Put the focus on them try asking …

Does what you want from me seem fair?
Does this seem reasonable to you?
Do you really expect me to (re-state the request)?
Would you do this if I asked you to?

It is like putting up a mirror so the manipulator can see that they’re being unreasonable.

Love to all. You deserve the best. Xxoo Lynnie


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