By Lynnie Stein / August 30, 2020


Neem tea is made from the leaves, can be used as a drink or for kombucha, beware neem tea is very bitter!

Rather than tasting bitter, some peeps prefer that neem leaf tea resembles the grassy notes of green tea.

Add sweetness like raw organic honey to your brew, if you prefer.

Generally, make Neem Tea the same way as any other herbal tea.

Note; do not drink neem tea while pregnant or trying to conceive.

Use dried or fresh neem leaves.

Use the same amount as you would for any other cup of tea, say a good teaspoon dried neem leaf per tea cup, or three to five fresh leaves.

Pour hot water over and let brew.

Make weaker tea for drinking, stronger tea to add to bath water, rinse hair, soak feet, etc.

Add sugar and use to ferment kombucha – don’t re-use the SCOBY for another brew.

Great to blend neem scoby with coconut oil and use as a healing body salve. Same for any herb, bush or wild kombucha brews.

There are many bush tucker plants that can be grown in home gardens from macadamia nut, aniseed myrtle, hibiscus rosella, warrigal greens, native mint, cinnamon myrtle, Burdekin plum, native ginger, peanut tree, wattles, bush tomato, pigface, midyum berry, blue quandong, bunya nut, lemon aspen, brown plum pine, desert lime, dianella lily, mountain pepper and more to explore.


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