By Lynnie Stein / February 25, 2022

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Move More Month
“I like to move it, move it…” (Just to get the song in your head 😜 )
Hello!I don’t know about you, but damn I love September. It is Spring for us in sunny tropical Nth Queensland, Australia. Time to Refresh & Renew. We harvest the garlic that has been in the ground growing strong for 8 months. They go into a bottle with a salt brine – the small ones for 1 month and the big beauties for 4 months –  a 12 month journey of patience, love & sharing. We love to share the fermenting goodness. Today is the 10th & we celebrate my BIRTHday
Because it’s my birthday!!

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I woke up with a start this morning and realised it’s… nearly the end of September?
Almost OCTOBER? What in the ever loving??? Christmas Day/Countdown (From my robot butler (Mrx OK Google) How many days left until Christmas???
In 87 days So anyways. Consider this your public service announcement.

Christmas. If it’s a thing you celebrate, it is coming. Soon. I am not keen on the over commercialization. 
However, Traditions & Memories are Priceless! Memories of my grandparents, cutting of the tunnel after the Christmas dinner (roast turkey with apple and nut stuffing, brined potatoes, and red sauerkraut).

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🍀 Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 🍀

Happy Twosday! 22.2.22 have been too fascinating for over 2,000 years

How to build a menu from scratch?

This can be overwhelming…Do you remember the movie Rocky? 

If I Can Change, YOU can Change………………..EVERYBODY CAN CHANGEEEE!!!!

Rocky Balboa

[GAC 30-minute alert] Session #3 Feb. 2022 starts in half an hour!

Will you go on a date with me 😁

Join me for No One Eats Alone Day Dinner

❤️ story + exclusive invite is waiting…🕐

Here is a fascinating story about an application of fermentation ….

A Russian-Australian woman put sauerkraut in her husband’s ear. “Her grandmother came to her in a dream and reminded her that when she was a young girl in Russia, they would use sauerkraut poultices any time someone had any weird skin irregularity.

When the woman woke up, she told her husband of her dream.

The man was scheduled for surgery to remove a skin cancer in his ear.

He agreed to let his wife try her home remedy.

The skin cancer disappeared. 

“No man is lonely while eating spaghetti”

Robert Morley

We will share a rustic fermented gut-loving pasta along with many fun, fast and fabulous food, full of stories.

I’m saving a Seat Next to me on the Beach for You

Life is a combination of magic and pasta

No One Eats Alone Day Virtual Dinner –

Theme… White & Love by the Beach

Super Quick and Easy Menu. Using the goodness we created in January Implementation Weekend + 10 for 10 tutorial (the 10 ferment’s made in less than 10 minutes). So you can look after YOU, without having to spend/waste preparing deeliciousness that you deserve.

Work Naked Day… any ideas you would recommend 😂

I ❤️ You

I love The magic of Invisible organisms
I Love… salt water on my skin!
Sleeping under the stars!
Aroma from the kitchen!
Music & Dancing!
My son, Thierry
Our feathered girls & furry pets
Quality over quantity!
The simple things in life!



I appreciate you more than words can ever express.
I want you to know that I’ll always be here rooting you on in life & sharing the good bacteria.  
So thank you for connecting with me here.
I feel like we’re part of a collective team destined to do amazing gut-loving things in the world. 
And I’m so happy you’re on that team.

I am feeling the love ❤️

A little help,{$name}

Give your love some TLC
Discover a lifetime of love, passion and connection

Here is Session #2 of the Implementation Weekend for January 2022

(Gut Club) Jan. Implementation Weekend

Are you coming?

Woohoo! It’s almost here…

Back to it – with a BANG! 💥 January Implementation Club is on this weekend. Join for ONLY $7. You will have a tool kit of Gut Loving – Tonic, Sauerkraut, Kimchi & Brined Veggies. The ingredient list will be posted in the private paid members only Facebook group. 

What If I Can’t Join?

No worries! Each Implementation Weekend includes 3 live sessions inside our closed Facebook group and replay are available as soon as the live session end. You can watch the 3 sessions later, or simply watch them all on the following weekend! Whatever works for you.

Put your dancing shoes on! 

This is going to be SUCH a juicy, joyful, life-changing club!

Who else is ready?

Merry 🎄 – We got you a gift

Hello December Kindness

📢 last day to score an absolute bargain!!

📢 Black Friday is here!

Diabetes + Chron’s Awareness Month

I have a feels you will love this 😍{$name}

Stress-free Vibe Tribe
On this day, let’s learn together..

This week….

The Full Hunter Moon is here … Have you noticed how the sky is alive at night?
Check out FREE stuff  page for Full Moon…time to make Fermentation Magic!

This Halloween, we are dropping the tricks and strictly sending treats

freeee stuff freeee stuff get some freeee stuff

Here’s Tom’s magic turmeric recipes🙏💥✔💯{$name}

Ginger and Turmeric: A Dynamic Pain-Fighting Duo
Tom, our inspiration for the 3-video series, instead of  being a spectator, Tom is back swinging on the river.  Tom swears by his “fermenty” additions. Tom has reduced his size and off medication . Of course, we can’t just claim the power of fermented food as reducing weight would of helped with the painful knees. The bottom line – Tom is pain free!

Getting down low is more than a funky dance move.
Who would of thought that the humble Squat position, the thing most toddlers and children do so quickly and effortlessly, is one of the keys to motion, movement and strength in adults?
Sitting in a Primal Squat or Deep Squat or Squat. Whatever you want to call it, our joints require us to do it for a couple of minutes per day (adding up to 1/2 hour per day) can help improve flexibility and range of motion, increasing circulation, helping our joints. Some cultures in the world, eat like this, go to the toilet like this, birth like this. Why not make our beloved sauerkraut like this?

Ssshhh Lynnie’s asleep!!😴😴{$name}

Aww my beautiful son, Thierry, hijacked and gave away a massive discount. Lucky I love him to the moon and back

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Christmas with Culture

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