By Lynnie Stein / March 9, 2021

Moringa the Miracle Tree

Do you have this amazing food growing?🌿#miracle #tree or #moringa

We planted in a pot but the mighty moringa had other intentions.

We even cut it back.

Resources call it a small tree.

In our tropical region it took off like on steroids.

The high protein content of the leaves is excellent added to chicken feed, and our Cassie dog loves it.

Almost every part of the tree is edible except the bark and wood.

We add the root to fire cider and ferment with parsnip like horseradish.

For peep’s dealing with diabetes, regular consumption of moringa leaves, roots and seeds can help lower blood sugar levels

They say a cup of tea each morning can help you stay eternally young, or at least keep you looking younger for longer.

Add to kefir smoothies.

The pods are like fleshy meat added to curry’s.

The leaves and pods dried can be used as green salt ..along with sauerkraut brine …in and on everything.

Love and bacteria, xo Lynnie


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