By Lynnie Stein / April 17, 2020

Mix Kraut

Grandma would include kraut in most of her recipes.

It’s an excellent flavour booster to salads, stir fries, fruits, salsas, green smoothies, cacao treats, sandwiches, sushi, rice rolls and more. We like to eat most of our homemade fermented food raw so that we get all of the goodness in our tummy, although an occasional chocolate sauerkraut brownie and chocolate beet cake and Choucrote crepe Suzette is unavoidable.

A visit to France will find Choucroute garnie (French for dressed sauerkraut). Choucroute garnie a l’alsacienne, a hearty mound of braised sauerkraut paired with potatoes and a parade of all kinds of pork products and encased meats. Love the way the French use all of the pig except the oink.

Choucroute Dumplings

Lightly stir-fried sauerkraut, mixed with mushrooms, wrap in thin dumpling parcels.

Can, add minced organic chicken, etc if desired.

3 cups flour /s of choice (quinoa, green banana flour etc)

2 ¼ cups boiling water

Place the flour in a large bowl and make a well in the centre. Pour in the water and stir together. Continue mixing until dough begins to form.

Knead the dough in the bowl with hands until all the flour is absorbed.

Continue to knead on a lightly floured board, until smooth.

Cut the dough into approx. 24 portions, cover with a damp cotton tea towel.

Roll one at a time until a flat 4 inch circle.

Fill the parcels one at a time, whilst keeping the others covered.

Place in a steamer, set over simmering water to steam the dumplings for 4 minutes.

Serve with dipping sauce.

Choucroute Pancakes (Approx. 12)

Mixed into a savoury batter, the pancakes are great on their own but work just as well as a side to hearty goulash, creamy mushroom sauce or roast organic pork with gravy and apple sauce.

Mix together 250g sauerkraut, 1 cup milk of choice, 1 cup flour of choice, 1 egg and some smoked hot paprika. Spoon mixture into a lightly oiled fry pan and cook on both sides, until golden brown.

Think outside the kraut box

Try … Mixed into zucchini zoodles, dressing, dips, guacamole, activated nut / seed pate, kraut brownies, raw chocolate and yum balls, seed bread and dehydrated crackers, pizza and flat breads.

Sauerkraut provides a delicious, tangy and easy way to convince non- fans to have some of the tummy loving goodness.

  • Superfood Tabouli – mix kraut with quinoa, diced tomato and fresh herbs.



Classic Sauerkraut, 1 Heirloom Carrot, grated / 1 large green capsicum and / celery, chopped, 1 Salad Onion, chopped.

Chopped Parsley

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Grated apple / smashed fermented garlic clove and ginger and turmeric (optional)

Place a couple of tablespoons of sauerkraut in a mixing bowl. Mix in grated carrot, chopped onion and parsley. Sprinkle caraway seeds, if not in kraut, garlic, turmeric and ginger if desired, to taste. Drizzle Extra Virgin Olive oil and mix in. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Keeps well refrigerated for 2 weeks. You can keep adding other fresh ingredients each day.

Grandma would serve with mashed potato, we often serve with mashed cauliflower or top sweet potato and banana flour pizza – it tastes amazing! So good!

  • Change the flavour by adding a different dressing. Replace olive oil with orange juice and a dash of raw local honey with any fresh or dried herbs or spices, possibly a dash of cayenne. Add kefir or mayonnaise and make coleslaw.

Add as a side to smashed organic eggs or scrambled eggs and sautéed greens + a dash of mustard.

  • Spoon a little kraut over fresh made salads.
  • Make an open Reuben style sandwich with sourdough rye and top with avocado, cured ocean trout, cucumber ribbon, smashed eggs or chicken and top with sauerkraut.

Apple Kraut Salad – nice teamed with pork. Add a few spoonfuls of apple kraut to bowl. Mix through fresh ingredients – sliced capsicum (red, yellow and green) sliced shallot and grated carrot. Dress with orange juice and a dash of raw honey. Add chopped fresh herbs.


Organic spice can be added at the start of the kraut ferment process, if you desire, like caraway and juniper berries or turmeric powder. (Recipe above)

  • Purple kraut teams well with fresh diced pineapple, coconut and soaked walnuts / tiger nuts or almonds and sprouts and fresh herbs.
  • Kale and Purple Kraut Salad – 2 cups chopped kale massaged with extra Virgin Olive Oil, mix in 1 cup fresh greens + 1 ½ cups cooked / sprouted quinoa + 1 cup purple kraut. Then add a smashed ripe avocado and top with 3 diced tomatoes.

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