By Lynnie Stein / August 15, 2023

Manifest Soulmate

“If I exist, he exists” is such an affirming statement.

It takes courage to not settle for a “good life” with someone and listen to that soul whisper and inner knowing that says, just wait, he’s coming, he exists.

  1. Visualise (after waking/before bed) 30 minutes of pure visualization. Cultivating the emotions throughout – Genuine partnership
  2. Act as if you already had that relationship
  3. while doing daily chores, imagine you’re taking care of your person too
  4. Charge things you wear/use often with the intention of calling your lover in
  5. Celebrate love whenever and wherever you can
  6. Have fun, build trust within yourself
  7. Become more romantic/romanticise your life
  8. Have faith, they’re on their way

With a full moon, thank the person “If I exist this person exist”.

Spend time with people you already love the most in your life. When you see an elderly couple holding hands – look at them and whisper – if they can have it so can I / Thank you for this beautiful and true love I have.

Make space for the SP in your home.

Write a letter to your love and file it away. Invite them into their life. Letters of gratitude for having them in my life.

Write down exactly what you want.

If I exist he must exist. It is law.

Remember never settle, and start with you.


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