By Lynnie Stein / October 22, 2018

Gut Health

Did you know … most of your immune system is in your gut?

One of the most important health habits, practiced by traditional cultures all over the globe for centuries, is eating fermented or “cultured,” probiotic-rich, living foods.

Many modern health problems are related to a lack of healthy organisms in the digestive tract.

And these billions of teeming flora are our main protection against viruses and bacteria. People who have taken antibiotics have severely depleted healthy flora, which leads to getting sick over and over, inflammation in the gut causing many modern diseases, and an inability to digest foods and utilize nutrition.

Any peeps with a great interest in food knows that “the most extraordinary flavors” are produced by fermentation which, in simple terms, is the process in which micro-organisms such as bacteria and yeasts have a transformative action on foods.

And of course, beyond flavors, fermented foods are considered to offer major health benefits. Especially for peeps with chronic digestive problems.

❤ Remember to do all you can to keep gut bacteria in good health and your health will flora-ish!

❤ Remember to introduce slowly and we never require huge quantities of these power-packed tasty foods.

❤ and bacteria, Xxoo Lynnie


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