By Lynnie Stein / January 5, 2020


Art is life, no matter how fragile the times.

Art is a testimony of the human condition. It encompasses all of our hardships, emotions, questions, decisions, perceptions.

Love, hatred, life, death. Essentially the way in which we perceive our world, every aspect of humanity can be expressed through art.

“All art really does is keep you focused on questions of humanity, and it really is about how do we get on with our maker”.
“Talking about art is like dancing about architecture”
David Bowie

I think everything in life is art.

What you do.

How you dress.

The way you love someone.

And how you talk.

Your smile and your personality.

What you believe in, and all your dreams.

The way you drink your tea.

How you decorate your home.

Or your music and how you party, your grocery list.

The food you make.

How your writing looks.

And the way you feel.

Do you agree that Life is Art?


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