By Lynnie Stein / July 5, 2023

“Let Them”

Have you ever watched someone you love turn into somebody you don’t know?

For my twin flame ….

“Let Them”

Just Let Them

If they want to choose something or someone over you, LET THEM.

If they want to go months without talking to you,


If they are okay with never seeing you, LET THEM.

If they are okay with always putting themselves first, LET THEM.

If they are showing you who they are and not what you perceived them to be, LET THEM.

If they want to follow the crowd, LET THEM.

If they want to judge or misunderstand you, LET THEM.

If they act like they can live without you, LET THEM.

If they want to walk out of your life, HOLD THE DOOR OPEN, AND LET THEM.

Let them lose you.

You are not an object that is displaced, replaced and erased.

You are luxury. The good apple at the very top of the tree. They have to get the ladder and climb to the top for you. Perhaps, they have only ever picked up the fallen fruit on the ground.

Maybe they are used to being treated as rotten fruit. It is not your job to convince them that you are quality.

So let them Go. Good To Go!!!!

Whatever you give out comes back to you. Always. If you take from Life, then Life will take from you. It’s that simple. If you are a person who steals time or robs others of respect-or perhaps steals relationships? All these things count and are a way of saying “I don’t really deserve the good in life. I have to sneak it and take it.”

– Louise Hay

Life Is Really Very Simple. What We Give Out, We Get Back.

When you destroy someone’s life with lies, take it as a loan,

it will come back to you with interest.

Never Try To Ruin Someone.. That’s Bad Karma.. LET THEM Ruin Themselves The Victory Is That Much Sweeter. You Reap What You Sow!

Amanda Bynes

Let them show you who they truly are, not tell you.

Let them prove how worthy they are of your time.

Let them make the necessary steps to be a part of your life.

Let them earn your forgiveness.

Let them call you to talk about ordinary things.

Let them take you out on a Thursday.

Let them talk about anything and everything.

Just because it is you they are talking to.

Let them have a safe place in you.

Let them see the heart in you that didn’t harden.

Let them love you.

And above all let them be there for you.

A true relationship is never 50-50. It is waking up in the morning and asking “what number are you today?” if it is 10 you would reply – “great I will be the 90”. As long as the one is not always a 10…but by working on bringing out the best in each other. There won’t be a problem.

You cannot make someone love you. You can only make yourself someone who can be loved.

“I am here for you”

Trust, Honesty, Loyalty, Boundaries, Communication, Commitment and CONSISTENCY.

This is a healthy & mature relationship that you deserve – no begging for love.

Morals, Empathy, Love & Kindness.

Unfortunately, hunting for love doesn’t always attract the right partner because our reasons for wanting love may be unclear.

We think, Oh, if I only had someone who loved me, my life would be so much better.

That’s not the way it works.

There’s a big difference between the need for love, and being needy for love.

When you’re needy for love, it means that you’re missing love and approval from the most important person you know — yourself.

You may become involved in relationships that are co-dependent and ineffectual for both partners.

You can never create love in your life by talking or thinking about being lonely or craving to be loved.

Nor can you heal a relationship in your life by talking or thinking about how awful it is. This only places attention on what’s wrong.

You want to turn your thoughts away from the problem and create new thoughts that will produce a solution.

Arguing for your limitations is just resistance, and resistance is simply a delay tactic.

It’s another way of saying, “I’m not good enough to have what I’m asking for.”

When people start to love themselves more each day, it’s amazing how their lives get better.

They feel better. They get the jobs they want. They have the money they need.

Their relationships either improve, or the negative ones dissolve and new ones begin.

At any moment, you can choose love. In any situation, you can choose connection.

With any person, you can choose forgiveness.

The love you have for yourself will be tested by having to choose between you or the people you are closest with if they are causing you harm – choose you.

The love you have for yourself will be tested by having to choose between you or the behaviours, beliefs, and activities that cause you harm – choose you.

The love you have for yourself will be tested by having to choose between you or focusing all your energy on a Twin Flame that is committed to not showing up for youchoose you.

LOVE never harms – it heals!!!

I know that no human is perfect – although you are always perfect for someone. A healthy mature love should heal you, not cause you daily pain and sleepless nights of tears that drenches your pillow.

Check out my healing relationships colouring book for adults. Note: it does contain sweary words! Based on Mark Mansen law of F!ck Yes!!

“He treats me well when he’s around, but he’s hardly around. What does that mean?”

Much of it gets exceedingly analytical, to the point where some men and women actually spend more time analysing behaviours than actually, you know, behaving.

Frustration with this grey area also drives many people to unnecessary manipulation, drama and game-playing—like “making” him wait until he’s taken you on 8 dates before you’ll sleep with him.

These things may seem clever, exciting, even logical to some people who are stuck or frustrated.

But this dating advice misses the point. If you’re in the grey area to begin with, you’ve already lost.

Let me ask : Why would you ever be excited to be with someone who is not excited to be with you? If they’re not happy with you now, what makes you think they’ll be happy to be with you later? Why do you make an effort to convince someone to date you when they make no effort to convince you?

What does that say about you? That you believe you need to convince people to be with you? (Hint: it implies that you wouldn’t even want to be with yourself.)

You wouldn’t buy a dog that bites you all the time. You wouldn’t be friends with someone who regularly ditches you. And you wouldn’t work a job that doesn’t pay you. Then why the hell are you trying to make a girlfriend out of a woman who doesn’t want to date you? Where’s your fucking self-respect?

The entrepreneur Derek Sivers once wrote a blog post where he said, “If I’m not saying ‘Hell Yeah!’ to something, then I say no.”

It served him well in the business world and now I’d like to apply it to the dating world. And because I’m more of a vulgar asshole than Derek is, I’ll christen mine The Law of Fuck Yes or No.

  • Mark Manson

The Law of Fuck Yes or No states that when you want to get involved with someone new, in whatever capacity, they must inspire you to say “Fuck Yes” in order for you to proceed with them.

The Law of Fuck Yes or No also states that when you want to get involved with someone new, in whatever capacity, THEY must also respond with a “Fuck Yes” in order for you to proceed with them.

As you can see, The Law of Fuck Yes or No implies that both parties must be enthusiastic about the prospect of one another’s company.


Because attractive, non-needy, high self-worth people don’t have time for people who they are not excited to be with and who are not excited to be with them. Fuck yeah.
– Mark Manson

Mark is the three-time #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, as well as other titles.

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You are your Twin Flame.

Read that last part over and over.

I know that I cannot take responsibility for other people.

I return to the basics of life: forgiveness, courage, gratitude, love, and humour.

Everyone in my life has something to teach me. We have a purpose in being together.

I forgive everyone in my past for all perceived wrongs. I release them with love.

All of the changes in life that lie before me are positive ones.

There’s no one way to experience love, for we all experience love in different ways.

For some of us to really experience love, we need to feel love, through being hugged and touched.

Some of us, however, need to hear the words “I love you.” Others need to see a demonstration of love, like a gift of flowers. Our preferred way of experiencing love is often the way we feel most comfortable demonstrating it back.

I suggest that you work on loving yourself nonstop. Demonstrate the growing love you have for yourself.

Treat yourself to romance and love. Show yourself how special you are. Pamper yourself. As our development of self grows and our heart becomes less entangled, we begin to discover a deeper truth about the self: We do not have to improve ourselves; we just have to let go of what blocks our heart. When our heart is free from the contractions of fear, blame, shame, anger, grasping, and confusion, the spiritual qualities we have tried to cultivate manifest in us naturally.

The pure, clear space of consciousness is naturally filled with peace, clarity, and connectedness; the great spiritual qualities shine through when our fearful sense of self is released.

These qualities show our fundamental goodness and our true home.

Find someone who has high EQ because they know how to give you their full, undivided attention and really listen to you. Those with high EQ want to understand what you’re feeling, and they have the intelligence to give you the space you need to share.
So many of us move through this world living in fear. Fear of loving, fear of being rejected, fear of not being good enough.

People with high EQ aren’t immune to this, but because they understand themselves deeply, they can keep these negative thoughts in check.

Because people with high EQ are self aware, they know the importance of keeping things in balance — emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

They recognize that these things are connected and impacts everything in their lives.

Find someone with a high EQ, and you’ll find someone who knows how to find and keep balance in their life.

Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ) is defined by the Psychology Dictionary as

“The capability of individuals to recognize their own emotions and those of others, discern between different feelings and label them appropriately, use emotional information to guide thinking and behaviour, and manage and/or adjust emotions to adapt to environments or achieve one’s goals”

Emotionally Intelligent people:

Recognize their own emotions
Recognize the emotions of others
Are in tune with their feelings
Use emotional information to guide thinking and behaviour
Manage/adjust emotions to adapt to environments

When you find someone who has high emotional intelligence, you’ll find someone in tune with what they are feeling and who can recognize this in others. Emotional Intelligence is the most important thing to look for in a partner, because when you find someone with high EQ, the qualities they posses:

They show empathy

Brene Brown; the difference between sympathy and empathy. With sympathy, a friend passes by and sees you in a deep, dark pit. They see you and yell down they see you, but don’t offer to help.

Someone with empathy climbs down into the deep, dark pit with you and acknowledges it’s deep and dark. They remind you they know what it’s like down there, and you’re not alone.

People with high EQ can show a lot of empathy because they connect with the emotions and feelings you’re going through. They put themselves in your shoes and connect with what you’re struggling with.

Life is hard, and that doesn’t change when you’re in a long-term relationship or married. Someone who has empathy recognizes you shouldn’t have to go through the valleys of life alone. They know it’s hard, and they choose to feel your pain and go through it with you.

Finding someone with high EQ will help you get through the dark days, the days when you’re stressed and anxious, the days when life is full of sorrow.

The beautiful thing is that emotional intelligence is something we can all get better at. It’s something that can continue to grow and blossom. Find someone with high EQ, and continue to work on your own EQ throughout the relationship.

You’ll both be happier and healthier and experience the relationship you were meant to have.

I am safe. Thank you life. Xo,

UPDATE: Many thanks for the private messages. You want to know whether the person you loved is truly a narcissist or a sociopath or an evil human.
Most of us aren’t qualified to diagnose another person.
And what looks like love may actually be something else entirely.
But if you’re here, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this person was emotionally abusive to you.
And really, that’s all you need to know. Because that’s not love.
Whether or not the person is capable of loving another is irrelevant.

When you blame another, you give your own power away because you’re placing the responsibility for your feelings on someone else.

Forgiveness is a tricky and confusing concept for many people, but know that there’s a difference between forgiveness and acceptance. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean that you condone their behaviour!

The act of forgiveness takes place in your own mind. It really has nothing to do with the other person. The reality of true forgiveness lies in setting yourself free from the pain. It’s simply an act of releasing yourself from the negative energy that you’ve chosen to hold on to.

Sometimes forgiveness means letting go: You forgive that person and then you release them. Taking a stand and setting healthy boundaries is often the most loving thing you can do-not only for yourself, but for the other person as well.

No matter what your reasons are for having bitter, unforgiving feelings, you can go beyond them.

You have a choice. You can choose to stay stuck and resentful, or you can do yourself a favour by willingly forgiving what happened in the past; letting it go; and then moving on to create a joyous, fulfilling life. You have the freedom to make your life anything you want it to be because you have freedom of choice.

Life always mirrors back to us the feelings we have inside. As you develop your inner sense of love and romance, the right person to share your growing sense of intimacy with will be attracted to you like a magnet.

I love you,


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