By Lynnie Stein / October 5, 2021

Legal Stuff

Handle all the legal stuff for your online business

Quickly, easily and affordably… with DIY legal templates created by a Harvard Law grad who is also an online entrepreneur just like you! Home Page

The Online Marketer’s Ultimate Legal Checklist

FREE Privacy Policy Template

LLC Operating Agreement

Publicity & Testimonial Release

Podcast Guest Release

Confidentiality Agreements

Employee Agreements

VA Agreement

Contractor Agreement

Affiliate Agreement

Membership Agreement

Course Agreement

Copywriting Agreement

Coaching Agreement

Client Agreement

Service Providers Pack

Membership Pack

Coaches Pack

Course Creators Pack

Online Genius Template Library

Template Shop

Affiliate Sign-Up (Affiliate Recruitment)

Website Policy Pack

You’re No Longer Alone!

An online entrepreneurial course is $2000

Getting a business coach for six months is $3,975

Going back to grad school for two years is $60,000

And you still won’t feel confident or clear that you’re headed in the right direction and creating a business you love. You’re guessing that’s what you need, but it’s not actually what you or your business needs. If you are in it to win it when it comes to building your online business and want an event where someone will tell you the unvarnished truth about the hard parts and where you’ll actually learn how to build your business.

You can’t afford NOT to join Bobby at…

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